9th Liver Flush ejects more BLACK stones, my theories

It is a good thing I kept in mind the curezone recommendation. If you are sick with some debilitating disease, you have to do at least 10 liver flushes.

This 9th flush resulted in the ejection of quite a good number of black liver stones.

If I had been complacent, I would have stopped flushing. But visiting my eczemacure.info website keeps reminding me how terrible I was just 1 year ago. Never again will I be sick. I will be on the offensive and do whatever it takes to be in top form healthy.

Black stones they say are the oldest and most toxic stones. I ejected black stones during my 7th flush too.

I have some new theories on how I developed so many stones:

#1 My mother always gave us pharmaceutical drugs. By 5 I had asthma treatment with Marax and Celestamine. And during headaches we were give Tylenol. (more liver strain)

#2 My cystic pimples were treated with steroidal injections and with the then experimental Roaccutane, this was way back in 1986. (more liver strain, and we had to sign a good number of waivers that this was an experimental drug and we had to get the drug from Roche HQ in Manila)

#3 In 1994 my bout with sandflies resulted in more steroidal injections and creams for 1 year.

#4 In 2003 I began my slimming diet with 5 months of Atkins type high protein low carbohydrate diet. (more liver strain)

#5 Lead poisoning? My father used to cast lead wheel weights in our back yard for many years. I will do some research on lead. Here is an initial article on lead, the liver and how garlic may help detoxify the liver.

#6 Mercury poisoning? I used to have a lot of amalgam (mercury alloy) fillings in my teeth. I had them removed last year,

#6 Also noteworthy is that I only began to straighten my diet to be clear of all junkfood, pharmaceutical drugs and eat high quality foods by 2003-2004.

I know it is sad. More than 30 years of bad food, bad drugs plus stress.

I have a high resolution photo of my 9th flush for those who are curious enough to see what black liver stones look like. Go to page 2 if you can stomach it.


  1. Thanks for the info and wisdom

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