My brother tries Chlorella and Spirulina from

My brother who has been suffering from skin dryness / psoriasis / eczema then lately full body acne. He discovered the web site and has ventured on the suggested chlorella + spirulina food supplementation disease dose. This effectively covers all the vitamins and minerals a person needs.

As a recap on my brother’s condition:

We have an 11 year age gap so I saw him grow up. He was born a normal cute and healthy boy.

– He received the common vaccinations while growing up.
– His mother wanted him to be too clean, that is my father’s criticism.
– He grew up in a house where lead was being melted for casting.
– At a young age he liked strong food tastes and ate a lot of ketchup, mayonnaise, salt, fish sauce (patis) and other flavor enhancers
– He started getting dryness and allergies at puberty.
– Our family was not food conscious and we had preserved, canned, packaged, instant, microwaved and fastfoods while growing up.
– Our mother was an adherent of western pharmaceutical medicine always with her latest pims book handy and gave us the newest (experimental) treatments hospitals in manila could offer.
– My brother’s skin dryness / psoriasis / eczema flared up around 17 years old when he was a college student in the province of Laguna. The doctor blamed it on the pollens in the area. Now I think he just ate worse instant food when he was at a dorm.
– The western medical doctors all failed in alleviating his full body flare-up.
– My mother then sought the help of a chinese doctor who spoke and wrote only chinese. He have a prescription in chinese. They went to the chinese drugstore. Mixed all the ingredients which I remember had snake skin, bats and lizards in them. My brother drank it and… in 1 month he shed all his skin from head to toe. After that his skin was “under control”.
– He went under maintenance with several dermatologists. One told him to use petroleum jelly for moisturizing. He used vaseline for 8 years… every single day.
– A few months ago he asked for my help when he developed full body acne. It was awful. You should have seen it.
– Our immediate solution was for the quickest and surest detox method. Colon hydrotherapy.
– My brother got a 5 session package from Dr. Gallego and sure enough, his full body acne disappeared.
– At the same time I discovered the folly of his use of petroleum jelly everyday which did not allow his skin to breath and polluted his body with of all things… petroleum. He now has changed his moisturizer to a plant based one and is slowly weaning himself.
– I also taught him about nutrition but it is hard for him as he lives alone.

Now he has discovered and after 5 days of taking chlorella and spirulina he says his skin condition is markedly improving.

My brother’s journey continues.


Nov 3 update: This was a terrible failure for my brother. I also tried this. Both of us experienced extended bouts of constipation. I know this is not the case for other people. But it was for us. We both gave up on this chlorela spirulina supplement combination.


  1. My son is suffering daily with severe eczema. We started light therapy a about 8 weeks ago and are seeing some improvements. I’m sure we could be better, but eat better than most…raw fruits and as many veggies as I can get in to my boys. Keep the info. coming. We are thinking of trying a healthy green suppliment in combination with the other things we do. We are exploring a gluten free diet (not much change for us) and a dairy free diet (maybe some help there).

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