My October 2006 nutrition plan with photos

I just formulated a new nutrition plan to combat eczema and improve overall wellness. For myself, for my 2nd son, and for my brother.

my 2nd son
First some status checks:

1. I am well from my leg eczema, I went through my kidney cleanse, colon hydrotherapy, and still have to do my 10th liver flush with still more stones to go. I�m recovering from some jock itch which I think was unleashed by the colon hydrotherapy.

2. My brother has done his colon hydrotherapy and only 1 liver flush, has stopped using petroleum jelly and his body skin is healing very, very slowly.

3. My 3 year old son just recovered from diarrhea through gatorade, zinc supplement, high pottassium banana (latundan) and 3 hour minimum eat and drink intervals. His nail fungi has been cured, but he still scratches both his feet at times, his seeming childhood eczema. Chicken has been identified as allergen, even if it is organic.

I�ve done the detox side of the solution, now for some sustained nutrition side pushing.

flaxseed oil, zinc, vit E, wheat grass

I was following the forum posts of a helpful woman named �aunty� and read some pretty good tips on nutrition for eczema. From her post at

“Are you aware that eczema indicates nutritional deficiencies in the following areas: beta carotene, zinc, quercetin, essential fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E?

Have you made attempts to address those deficiencies nutritionally (with what you eat)?

Are you aware that the medications prescribed to treat the eczema would actually serve to extend the period of eczema suffering, due to the fact that they don�t address the cause; but rather, suppress the symptoms? In essence, and because they suppress the immune system, they impede with the body�s ability to heal. An eczema manifestation is a toxic release. It is the skin�s attempt to rid the body of the toxins that are overwhelming the bloodstream/skin. When you see an eczema manifestation on the skin, you are witnessing the fight between the immune system and the toxins (dirt, bacteria, germs etc.) or free radicals that are attempting to cause harm. As a result, you want to respond to the needs of your skin with natural/organic products that will feed the immune system and promote the completion of the healing process. In essence, you want to work with the immune system; not against it (as the medications prescribed to treat eczema do).

My nieces, who suffered with severe (total body) eczema flareups in their infancy were completely healed of their eczema without the use of medications. The proper skin care, diet, and removal of their eczema allergen/irritants is what has promoted their longterm eczema freedom (despite their eczema heredity). They were eczema free for six and four years after that initial eczema flareup in their infancy. Understanding the body�s message for help and responding with wisdom (respecting the body�s nutritional needs) is what gives our family the success that we�ve enjoyed for years now. The cure for eczema is restored immune health. When you feed the immune system what it needs to function properly, it will give you the results of healing.


Outstanding information. Aunty even led us to an informative website Adjust to your own country and available foods. I believe that your native foods will work best for you.

This is my current plan in my mind:

1. Beta Carotine: order fresh carrot juice from my Auntie Portia and have it delivered. Follow the instructions from a previous E-book I bought, �The 14 day eczema cure� by Janet Simpson. Drink 2 glasses of fresh carrot juice every day for 14 days. Same for me, my son and my brother.

our carrots

2. Flaxseed Oil: There is a bottle of 1000 mg flaxseed oil capsules lying around in the kitchen. Maybe it belongs to my mother in law. Time for me to make use of it. WholehealthMD says this will help stop the formation of new gallstones.

3. Vitamin E: Take 400IU per day. My 3 year old boy can actually swallow 1 capsule per day.

4. Biogenic Foods everyday. This is tough. Mongo sprouts are the easiest to come by here. I wonder if my powdered wheat grass counts? I will be taking this everyday too. More raw. Garlic, hot chili peppers, and celery (4 stalks per day juice, plant viagra!)

5. Combining foods. Meat with vegetables. Grains with vegetables. Never meat with grains. I can do this with my son.

our celery

6. Pancreatin with digestive enzymes. I�ll still take this. My left shoulder pain is maybe 99% gone. But there is that elusive 1%. Chew throughly. 50 chews! My massage therapist killed the pain last night.

7. Sunlight. As much as possible. But the rainy season and successive typhoons has dampened our days for several weeks now.

8. Zinc supplements. My son is on Zinc sulfate to help his diarrhea. I�ll have to go back to eating fresh oysters regularly just like what I did with my fertility enhancement days. Zinc supplements are more realistic, I don’t want to risk red tide poisoning.

our papaya
9. Vitamin C. Papaya and pineapple are plentiful here in my country. Eat while freshly opened.

10. Clean meat, less meat. I can�t go on vegetarian yet. It will take some time. I might get into it. But for now� organic beef, no chicken, no pork, organic goat meat, ocean fish. But in markedly less amounts.

11. Water, Green Tea, Chamomile Tea. Lots of it everyday.

Now for the hard part. Following this new plan

our papaya

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