Elty Cure Story using yoghurt

Hi, my name is Elty. I’d like to share how i finally cure my eczema naturally. I have suffered eczema all over my bodies & face for about 11 yrs and really got worse and worse over the year because of cortizone creams and pills the doctors gave me. They claimed that i have allergies to fur, dirts, certain fabrics, detergents, perfumes, lotions, and all of those things that have never been a problem for me when I was still at very young age. But I followed them anyway cos I didnt know where else to go. Every time I consume fried foods, spicy foods, dairy, my eczema got worse that when I scratch them, my skin bleeds and there’s toxins coming out of the flare-ups.

I’ve been using cortizone creams everyday for those 11 yrs and never realized that they cause bloating and worsen my immune system.

One day I met a friend of my aunt, whose a pharmacist and she said that what happened to me is not because i’m allergic to outside things, but because the good bacteria in my intestinal are all dead because of antibiotics and all the cortizone pills I consumed, so the food is not properly digested and it causes toxication. She kept some natural lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria in her fridge and make yoghurt out of it by leaving it overnight with milk. She said that the commercial yoghurt may work too, but usually the live cultures are already dead by the time they arrive in stores, cos the bacteria only can survive for 3-4 days.

I drank the yoghurt she made me and in 2 days, the itches stops and the eczema flare-ups are not red anymore. In 3-4 days my skin is healed and I eat like usual, no forbidden foods. I eat the yoghurt for 3 weeks in a row (a cup a day) to really heal my eczema, enough time to let the good bacteria from the yoghurt to live and grow in my intestinal tract. Whenever my skin got a bit itchy because of what i just ate, I just make the yoghurt again and consume them for a week. I am so amazed how simple and natural the cure can be! The explanation for my suffering all this time is just because of I’m lacking of good bacteria! And no doctors can tell me that, even the best ones.

I asked my aunt’s friend where can I buy the bacteria, she said doesn’t know cos a friend of hers gave it to her too. All I can help is that the bacteria name is Lactobacillus Acidophilus. If you couldnt find to buy them, commercial yoghurt would work the same but maybe with longer time to really make an impact. This is just my personal experience of how I cure my eczema, hoping that this may help some people…cos I really understand how disturbing an eczema can be.



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