My brother tries flaxseed oil an omega 3 supplement

I again revisited Shirley’s Wellness cafe to check on how she was able to finally solve her eczema problem. She mentions amazing results from omega 3 supplementation using flaxseed oil. I immediately recommended this to my brother.

My brother promptly bought a bottle from the local Healthy Options branch near his office. He started taking 6 x 500mg capsules 2x per day. This brought him initially great results after only 2 days.

Number 1 – He does not feel so cold now. This omega 3 supplement has brought him new warmth.

Number 2 – He feels rapid healing on his feet and all over his body.

My brother is confident this is one of the missing links on his journey to wellness.

I told him to take photos. This could be the big breakthrough he needs. I will report and update this article.

Nov 6 Update: 4th day taking Flaxseed Oil at 6 grams per day

I met my brother last night.
He says is feet are dry of any cracks and eczematic release.
He says he is warm now.
He says he feels he has plateued on his progress.
I asked why he feels that way.
He says he has reduced the amount of skin being shed per day.
I responded with “Maybe your shedding is lessening because you’ve finally reached skin bottom, new skin at last, nothing more to shed.”

I do hope that is the case. I will update you.

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