Hulda Clark added to my list of must reads

I was lucky to stumble upon one of Dr. Hulda Clark’s books in the local book store, The Cure for All Cancers. It is an Indian reprint 1999. Great stuff. New info for me, especially regarding parasites, cleaning up your home environment and many other details.

I’m not too hot about the zapper and syncronometer concept. I have not seen it in action to make any comment on its effectivity.

The logic and simplicity of Dr. Clark’s written work is beneficial for everyone. It is as if all the other authors and Dr. Clark are talking of the same truth from different points of views. Dr. Clark sees threats to our health through the lens of parasitology. I am sure she is not the only parasite expert around. I’ve also read some work by the barefoot herbalist and he concurs with Clark regarding some parasite concepts.

The how-to in cleaning up your personal care products and home environment is top notch. A valuable addition to our fight for true health. It seems our modern civilized environment is a mine full of health traps.

I’m happy, I’ve upgraded my knowledge. I can help more people with this new information. I even checked quackwatch if that pharmaceutical lap dog has taken notice of Dr. Clark; sure enough she is listed. Great! This means the pharmaceutical establishment is threatened. Dr. Clark must really be good and popular enough.
With exposure to Dr. Clark and her formula for liver flushing, I see my 10th liver flush will include epsom salts. Maybe I can get rid of more stones this way.

Thank you for the book Dr. Clark, it is worth so much more than its price.

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