Ask Moreless Testimonial: Evanluck

evanluck – Candida , Acne, facial rashes, dry/itchy skin, dandruff and scalp eczema – 98% percent symptom free!

“Finally after some prayer about my health, I found moreless’ posts on the candida forum. I am beginning to understand how God allows you to discern his truth. When I began to read the information that moreless was posting, I just knew it was the truth. Also I can be very inquisitive and detail-oriented when it comes to information and to me when approaching his information with an open-mind and a heart for change it all make alot of logical sense.

Anyways four months into the regimine, I am 98% percent symptom free. My weight and skin have not looked and felt this good since high school (I’m 35 now.)…”


See his full story at the Ask Moreless website.


  1. hi edwin,
    ive been following your blog ever since i decided to take control of my health. but i have not really decided to take full control of it, honestly. for more than a decade now, i have been disturbed with my dandruff., scales on my scalp. i tried many shampoos to no avail. pls advise… im afraid i cant take the raw paleo diet… as you know i live in a religious community .

    thanks and more power. God bless you.

    mon encinares

  2. Try doing a 3 day vco detox to get rid of your dandruff.

    Then try at least a cooked paleo diet for some 3 months. Support forum at

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