Nov 2006 Photo Update and junking western pharmaceutical medicine

For documentation purposes, this is how my right leg and my face look today November 8, 2006 at around 10 am.

My face 08 Nov 2006

My face – side view 08 Nov 2006

Look! I can grow long hair! No irritations!
I decided to grow long hair because now I can.
The last time I grew long hair was when I was 16 years old.

As for the scars on my face, you can see it more clearly with the side view photo. While I was 16 – 19 years old I had cystic pimples on my face. My dermatologist then kept injecting and injecting and injecting my cysts with steroids or what have you. This resulted in scars and other uneven features on my face. I’ve always asked other dermatologists how this can be fixed so I can have the same skin as my babies. I got no answers.

With my continuous detox and new healthy lifestyle I can finally see and feel improvements on my face. Maybe a few more liver flushes will make my face real smooth.

My right leg – front view 08 Nov 2006

My right leg – inner view 08 Nov 2006

These are photos of my right leg. The one that used to be ravaged by eczema. Some people would like to know if there are recurrences. There are none. Why is this so?

Just like how I fixed my overweight problem, new healthy eating habits result in ideal weight maintenance. You are what you eat.

With my eczema, the cleaning of my colon through 7 hydrotherapy sessions and a clean diet results in a fully functioning colon that cleans my system and absorbs nutrients properly. With the kidney flush, fully functioning kidneys. With more liver flushes, my liver is slowly regenerating and improving its functions every day.

With other healthy knowledge and details being added to our lifestyle everyday, I’ve cured my overweight problem, my shoulder pain, my eczema, my candida overgrowth (was my jock itch), and now improving my face, looking years younger.

Continuous additional knowledge and application of detoxing + nutrition + environmental adjustments results in my final eczema cure forever.

The secret to true health is junking western pharmaceutical $$$ medicine… they are good only for emergency cases… they are the quacks, the frauds, when it comes to curing or even defining diseases.

Click to watch the free animated short video that that has created a major controversy across the Web. The video parodies the drug companies and conventional healthcare system and many are

furious about the truth being exposed.

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