My 10th liver flush along with my 82 year old grandmother

I’m just concluding my 10th liver flush as I write this. I and my parkinsons disease diagnosed 82 year old grandmother did a 2 day apple juice fast and used epsom salts last night 1 hour before taking the virgin olive oil and grapefruit combination.

My Grandmother
I looked up Parkinsons disease as defined by western pharmaceutical medicine and they all say there is no cure. They developed some drugs that allegedly help during the early stages but cause terrible side effects like hallucination, increasing dependency dosage, constipation, dry eyes. All side effects suffered by my grandmother.

In her desperate hour, as her own children had given her up for dead, they also say they cannot get along with her, I took it upon myself to attempt to cure her. My protocol to attempt to cure here can be seen at my healthblog.

My logic is since parkinsons disease has no cure in the eyes of those who define it, then their very definition and attempts to cure it is a dead end. The next possible diseases my grandmother could be suffering from is lyme disease, yeast infection and other parasite infestation. Her constant fatigue may be a result of trying to fight off the infection or the side effects of her previous medications.

I’m doing the way. Cleaned her colon. Will clean her kidneys. Do parasite cleanse. Do liver flushes. Give needed nutrition. Let her body heal herself. If it is not too late.

There is something special about being the hands-on caregiver of my own grandmother. I grew up with her. She took care and spent time with me. Now that my eyes have opened up to many health truths, I gladly render my services to her.

Already at 9am my grandmother has dumped 5 times. Mostly cholesterol sludge. The 5th dump had 2 pea sized stones.

I made my own first dump at around 10am and unloaded a few dozens of dark green stones, large and small. Of course I took photos and they are on page 2 of this post. As always, only for those interested to see what my liver stones look like.

My Grandmother

My grandma’s 1st flush, 5th dump, cholesterol and 2 pea sized stones

My 10th liver flush, 1st dump, dozens of dark green stones

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