Opportunity to use Eczema as a toxin / food allergy indicator

Do not miss the opportunity to use your current eczematic condition as an indicator of toxic sources and food allergies. It is a simple methodical process to easily determine allergies to food and products.

In my experience, I used my eczema to determine factually that mercury from amalgam tooth fillings were toxic. I had no money for a bio-dentist and had a regular dentist remove my fillings one quarter of the mouth each week. Sure enough, my eczema raged on as each mercury filling was drilled exposing my body to the toxic fumes.

I also was able to check out my food allergies and I did confirm that the type diet book by Dr. D’adamo is correct. Of course I have read those criticizing the blood type diet, but in my case, and my eczema as a measuring device, I found that the foods harmful to blood my type B were indeed: chicken, corn and tomatoes.

My herbalist also warned me about laundry soap, shampoo and bath soap, yes they add toxins too. SLS, dangerous stuff. You can take a shower without soap if your body is very toxic. Dr Clark suspects asbestos in your clothes drier.

Check out the other things you use, your deodorant, your make up, your cooking utensils, your sauces, your air freshener, everything you find in Dr Hulda Clark’s cleanup section at www.curezone.com/clark and confirm for yourself using your eczema.

Eczema is a lifesaving adaptation of our body as an alternative manner of eliminating toxins since the other normal and preferred methods seem to be malfunctioning: colon, kidneys, lymph nodes for skin perspiration, breath, liver for cleaning, etc.

Have some fun and learn for yourself first hand. Use your eczema while it is still running. Keep a log book. Avoid all those toxins today and forever more.

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