Raw Food Critics point to Raw Vegans, not Raw Fruitarians

Let me be clear regarding the criticisms against raw food eating. The critics all point to raw veganism, which I criticize myself. I must be clear in my message that the raw food diet I promote is Fruitarianism. A majority or raw fruit. We don’t need grains, nor vegetables, we need fruit.

Even the respected author Andreas Moritz has this to say against Raw Veganism in his book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation:

“What makes Plants so Poisonous?

Every microbe, insect, plant, animal, and human being on this planet wants to survive. But there are potential dangers out there that can lead to their destruction. For this reason, all living things, including plants, have developed a sophisticated defense apparatus to ward off anyone who wants to eat or harm them.

It is only natural for the species of any life form to create difficulties for the invading or devouring enemies; otherwise ecological balance could not be possible. Despite innumerable numbers of lice, pests, beetles, and locusts, plants have managed to survive and keep the planet green and oxygenated. This is due to their highly advanced healthcare system. Similar to our body, plants have an immune system to ensure their own survival and health. They use prickly thorns, poison as in the case of the deadly nightshades, or they envelop themselves in a wax-covering that is impenetrable for microbes. If microbes do somehow manage to enter the plant’s interior, inborn defense mechanisms begin to destroy the invaders, not dissimilar to our own defense responses.

Most microbes that are present in the air, food, and water never reach the inside of our body. They are promptly neutralized by enzymes located in our nose, lungs, saliva, and stomach juices. The rest of them are taken care of by our immune system with its sophisticated antigens and immune cells, including the macrophages and T-cells.

Plants, however, have to do more to protect themselves since locusts and animals such as cows, mice, or man can eat them altogether. For this reason, they produce antibodies of which 20,000 kinds are known to date, still only a fraction of what they are capable of producing. These antibodies, when ingested by animals or humans can make them sick, which stops them from eating the plants.”

This is why Andreas recommends cooking your vegetables. Andreas explains why civilizations cook their vegetables. And Waisays.com explains why we don’t need plants because they are not true human foods. Grains and Vegetables are staples of agriculture meant to feed the masses, raise armies, form civilization but at the expense of health and longevity.

I even took upon an email that again showed that the common perception about raw foods diet is a raw vegan diet that is of course difficult to digest and just plain tastes awful. Hey your tongue is telling you something, listen to your taste buds, it tastes awful, spit it out!

From a mailing list:

Dear Edwin,

Not everyone can eat a mostly raw food diet due to various conditions they
have like spastic colon, or people with only part of their stomach or intestines
removed, etc etc. For these people, a supplement is needed to help with the
problem. Raw foods definitely increases the ability of the body to fight
disease but there are other means of getting this such as green drinks like wheat
grass and chlorella etc etc.

So I answered with the premise that I am promoting fruitarianism, delicious true human food, not grasses and grains meant for cows, horses and birds:

Those who say they can’t do raw foods are correct.
They will remain diseased and go from one treatment to another and get
into more complicated and varied methods, and still FAIL, remain
borderline, psoriasis occurring sometimes and sometimes not, psoriasis
“under control”. Pathetic.

Those who say they can do raw foods are correct.
They become cured permanently and achieve greater levels of health than ever in their lives.
I understand people’s resistance to raw food. Simply because they have
never tried it.

And that is why they FAIL to get well. They never try it. Then it is a
100% failure rate.
Raw food is the fuel of humans.
If humans came out of the factory with a manual, it would say: “Runs
best on raw food, primarily fruits and fruit like vegetables (avoid nightshades), sunshine, fresh air, proper rest and relaxation… 120 years healthy. Warranty void when fed cooked food, rocks, chemicals and DRUGS.”

Raw food is at least 80% of the cure.

There are too many success stories on raw food, whether done personally, achieved through raw food coaching, or be it living in sanitariums.

The worst resistance to raw food is because the MASS MEDIA promotes RAW
VEGANISM as the raw food lifestyle.
RAW VEGANISM just tastes AWFUL and is COMPLICATED with preparations, combining, etc.
Most raw veggies taste awful by themselves raw.
So food processors are used.
I’ve tried both raw veganism, and raw fruitarian.
Raw fruitarian wins hands down.

Raw Fruitarian is easy, no gas, no electricity, no cooking, no utensils.
Raw Fruitarian, mono meals, one fruit in a meal is convenient.
Raw Fruitarian is instinctive, you go to the market and pick the fruit
that appeals to you.
Raw Fruitarian needs no preparation, no tools, usually just bare hands.
Raw fruitarianism is true human food.

Many raw fruitarians are 75% fruit, then a few vegetables that are
technically fruits, then a few raw nuts you shell yourself just before
Some add raw eggs, or raw fish sashimi maybe once or twice a week.
This is natural, easy raw foodism: fruitarianism.

See http://www.fruitarian.com
See http://www.rawschool.com

Again raw foodism should be DELICIOUS, convenient, easy, instinctive,
If your idea is raw foodism tastes awful, you went down the path of raw
veganism instead of raw fruitarianism.

See my Eczema / Psoriasis Cure Protocol for those who want PERMANENT CURE.

Permanent cure means permanent change in lifestyle and habits.
A raw food lifestyle based on Fruits is the delicious and easy way to go.

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