My 11th Liver Flush greets the new year!

After all that feasting during the Christmas season, I knew I was due for my 11th liver flush. No epsom salts this time. Just plain old apple juice, extra virgin olive oil and lemons.

Lemons again? Unfortunately, no grapefruits available at the start of the year in the markets.

It wasn’t so bad this time. I initially tried drinking from two glasses, one with the pure extra virgin olive oil and the other glass with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Nope. Won’t work for me. I’d have vomited if I continued that technique. I learned that if I looked 100 meters away while drinking the lemon and olive oil concoction while standing up makes it easy.

In the morning I ate a regular full meal, same with lunch and dinner. I just had one bowel movement and it looks like some stones are embedded in the stools. Not worth taking pictures of. Not worth me sifting over. Flush on.

The difference this time is I drank the olive oil late in the night, around 11 pm. This was due to an emergency with my brother which I will post in another article.

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