2007 Eczema Cure Promotion and your Donations

2007 Web Site Revisions within this week of 08 January!

As you can see, I have decided to revise the format of this web site to be able to help more eczema sufferers.

I will no longer focusing the site on just my personal eczema cure story. The focus will now be in defining eczema, having a cure protocol, and pointing people to resources where they can help themselves or be helped.

Help me transform this website to a global phenomenon where everyone will know the real causes of eczema and the plentiful FINAL CURES for this condition!

I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking of how we can promote eczema truth awareness.

It’s starting to form in my mind now.

How do we promote this website to be #1 for the key word eczema?

1. Please email me your eczema cure stories and pictures with the authority to publish them on this website and in other commercial press releases.
2. Please write press releases (for those with talent) regarding eczema email to me so that we have material.
3. Please donate for the purpose of paying for Press Releases on PRWEB, the $80 level so that the eczema cure stories will appear on the major media on the web and in print.
4. For web masters or web marketing gurus who are cured of their eczema, you know your way around web marketing, please spend some time and money promoting the site, no need for you to donate to me.

Email me your material at eesc [at] filipinowebservices [dot] com

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