EczemaCure Under Heavy Revision

Sorry for the inconvenience and seeming gaps in the articles. EczemaCure is undergoing heavy revision this month of January 2007.

It is time I moved my personal eczema cure story to the sidelines and now re-focus to this web site to serve as an information authority for eczema sufferers world wide. The new goal is to encompass all forms of eczemas. Identify the many varied possible causes. Identify the many varied possible cures around the world.

I am adamant about the word cure. I do not believe in mere symptom relief. I see eczema as an indicator. A warning light that something is wrong. I want to see that indicator say “the underlying causes have been addressed… now turning this indicator off.”

The cure will always be final. No maintenance drugs. No maintenance herbs. No maintenance electro-medicine.

The only maintenance will be intelligent – informed eating, drinking, resting, excercising, pollution avoidance, happy living.


  1. eczema is a food allergy, usually diary. It culd be wheat or sugar. Take omega 3 and eliminate diary. I did. My skin is now near perfect.


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