Diabetes Forums bans posting of diabetes cures! Cures not allowed!

This morning I was reminded of the “there is no cure mentality” in the western medical community and in the minds of the masses of people who believe this lie. This time I wanted to test the gatekeepers. The most obvious gatekeepers of information are the web discussion forums. One of which was www.diabetesforums.com. Just like Skincell.org which banned me for sharing my true cure experience, Diabetes Forums never even wanted me to be able to post any cure information from the very beginning!

It is $$$ at work. Final cures are bad for business but great for people. I choose the people.


On Diabetes Forums I posted:

“Hello. I live and grew up in a far away land where drug companies and western medical doctors do not rule the laws and the minds of people, especially in the provincial areas (outside the big cities). I too suffered from an �incureable� as defined by western medicine (not diabetes), and I chose to find the cure and I succeeded. In my quest I found many people with similar cases of �incureables� who found final and lasting cures�. including diabetes.In the internet support forum where I published my personal logs about going about my incureable; I was so delighted that I found my cure, I shouted out in my thread that I had been CURED. A final and lasting cure, explaining scientifically, with photographed evidence about my whole CURE. The moderators were aghast and vehemently ANGRY at me and proceeded to BAN my account for saying I got CURED.

My question is. Are the owners, moderators and backers of this forum willing to / will allow / people such as me to post / share information that can lead to FINAL and LASTING CURES for DIABETES?

I am asking this because I do not want to spend time posting my researched FINAL CURES FOR DIABETES if people in a message board are unwilling to permit me to post such.”


Update! I received my answer:

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


The stories about the medical Conspiracy mindlocks are true.

Here is the incriminating evidence. Some day, these gatekeepers will be exposed for the frauds they are. I pity the poor diabetics victimized into spending their precious time on diabetesforums.com

Diabetes Forums bans posting of diabetes cures

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