Parasite cleanse finished: colon, kidney, liver cleanses, pH Monitoring, exercise are next

After advising my brother and my mother in law about their health, it’s time I attended to mine. At last, my parasite cleanse is finished using the Humaworm fomula. Next week I plan to cleanse my colon using Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and do a liver flush using Dr Hulda Clark’s protocol.

I was reading Andreas Moritz the other night and read that he suggests colon cleansing before and after a liver flush. Pretty expensive if I did colon hydrotherapy. Just this evening I came across Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea in the shopping center. The brochure says “Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea works by eliminating fecal deposits in the colon that have been stored for years and decades… works by releasing amount of toxins from colon, including liver, gallbladder and kidneys.” Sounds interesting. I took 1/2 cup just now before going to bed.

Next I’ll do a Hulda Clark type liver flush this weekend. This is actually the first time I’m doing a Hulda Clark liver flush. I only found out about Hulda Clark much much later.

Next month’s liver flush I will do an Andreas Moritz liver flush. Then I’m curious to know how Ken Presner does his liver flush.

I’ll see if I have money and I’ll get a colonic hydrotherapy appointment just after this weekend liver flush.

In the meantime, I bought a roll of pH Paper from Dr. Austria with scales from 5.5 to 8.0. I just started writing down my pH readings as described by the website.

I think I’ll go back to doing some dedicated kidney cleansing with the avocado leaves. But I’m interested in the kidney cleanse herbs of the Barefoot Herbalist.

My wife taught me some yoga stuff the other day. And I bought a trampoline and I can bear jumping on it if I pop in a DVD. Ah, exercise, the last step to hopefully becoming a hunk of a man some day.

This is fun!

Update Feb 09, Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea first experience!

I just took my first dose of Dr. Tam’s miracle tea last night. Tastes like black tea. The taste is disarming, you might assume you would want to drink more. Actually at the store, the sales lady has a tasting cup that seems to look like 1/3 cup and I took that around 6:30pm, then I took 1/2 cup before sleeping at around 10:30pm.

At 3am I woke up needing to poop. “Emergency poop,” I told my wife as I knocked on the bathroom door, who happened to somehow go to the bathroom first to pee (at 3am) same as me.

There came the most excruciating pooping a felt. Poop came out like diarrhea, but the feeling was very different. The poop was “porridgy” not liquid, not bumpy. But my feeling was as if I was detoxing from the top of my head down to the rest of my body, as if I was a towel being “wringed” of all toxins by our “labandera” (clothes washing woman). Excruciating what seemed like a 20 to 30 minute ordeal in the toilet seat, but after it had passed, I felt very good, I felt very clean. Whew. Powerful stuff. A cheaper alternative to colon hydrotherapy, but of course it is not the same.

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