12th Liver Flush via Hulda Clark after Parasite Cleanse and Colon Cleanse

I would like to report my most wonderful results with my first ever Hulda Clark type of Liver Flush as described in her book Cure for All Diseases page 555. This is my 12th flush and the success I owe to several factors. Dr Clark recommends a parasite cleanse (herbal and zap) before a liver flush. Andreas Moritz recommends colon cleanse before and after a liver flush. I did both.

For 30 days I had done a Parasite Cleanse using herbals from Humaworm.com. My last dose was February 8th in the morning. During the 30 days I saw rice like things regularly in my poop. Humaworm says those are the dead worms.

While herbal parasite cleansing I was also electrically parasite cleansing using Don Croft’s Terminator Zapper, though I did try the regular looking handheld zapper of my brother.

In the evening of February 8th, did a Herbal Colon Cleanse using Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. All it takes is 1/2 cup at bedtime. In the early mornings I was colon cleansing. Difficult experience as I felt like a rag being wringed of all toxins from head to anus. But by the afternoon, I felt great.

By morning of the February 10th I began my Hulda Clark type flush using Epsom Salts, Fresh Lemons and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This ended just this morning of February 11th.

This resulted in the cleanest, clearest liver flush I have ever done. There was hardly any fecal matter. It seemed like I was peeing through my anus. But I felt each and every large stone pop out. I’m proud to show you my photos. Highly recommended!

Next step tomorrow the 12th of February is another Colon Cleanse by Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea following the advice of Andreas Moritz that it is a good idea to do a colon cleanse before and after a liver flush to make sure no stones / toxins are re-absorbed.

One lucky occurrence is the timing of this liver flush coincides with a waning gibbous moon (towards a new moon), which Andreas Moritz recommends liver flushing be done as this is the healing cycle of our bodies.

I will be doing an Andreas Moritz type of liver flush next time for my 13th flush.

In the meantime I will be monitoring my urine and saliva pH, eating an alkalizing diet, supplementing with Dr. Tam’s Live Greens everyday and continue with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea 1/3 cup every other day. Take vitamin C supplements at least 3,000 mg per day. Fresh coconut juice everyday, remember, I live in the Philippines, we grow the most coconuts. Plus rebounding everyday.

My past eczema was just a symptom. What I really need to do is rebuild my liver.

12th liver flush one of my first dumps

12th liver flush maybe the 3rd dump

12th liver flush maybe the 4th dump

12th liver flush maybe the 6th dump

12th liver flush maybe the 7th dump

12th liver flush 8th dump – the MORNING AFTER the 2nd Day After! Absolutely BIG rocks! Could be the dead parasites after my parasite cleanse? Could the moreless alkalizing drink have anything do with this too?

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