Bugoy Feb 17: Progress with Wisdom Tooth Pain!

Bugoy visited me this evening to pick up his Dr. Lam’s Live Greens (wheat grass, alfalfa, barley) and Miracle Tea (colon cleansing tea). I took some photos for a progress report. He told me he has wisdom tooth pain right now and he just scheduled it to be pulled by a regular dentist.

Sigh. Just when you think we can concentrate on his healing, another problem comes along.

Bugoy said the 2 bio dentists’ schedules were full so he had no choice but to see a regular dentist. He took his first dose of antibiotics today and hopefully in a few days when the swelling subsides he will have his wisdom tooth removed.

Bugoy says he has taken some fresh wheat grass juice last week and found out for himself that he does feel healing with it. Now he’s excited about taking more. Dr. Lam’s Live Green will have to do during the times he can’t get fresh wheat grass juice, which by the way he can only get when he is at his office.

My photo analysis shows that his neck and face have healed somewhat. His hands are taking a very slow time to heal. And his feet are painfully slow to heal. I expected more healing. Maybe he does need to do another colon cleanse.

His white toe nails show a lack of blood circulation at his feet. I called him and told him his toe nails should be pink like mine. So he has to dip his feet in alternating hot and cold plain water.

Wisdom tooth removal week. Then Dr. Lam’s Miracle Tea (Colon Cleanse). Continuous Live Greens Powder and / or Fresh Wheat Grass / Barley juice.

bugoy foot feb 17, white toe nails show lack of blood circulation

bugoy hands Feb 17, slow healing

bugoy neck and face feb 17: good progress

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