Bugoy: Fantastic Healing with Wheatgrass Juice

I met Bugoy at a party today and he reports fantastic progress with just more than a week of daily fresh wheat grass juice intake.

Bugoy reports that he has stopped feeling cold. His pores all over his body are reducing in size! The painful infections on his left hand and right foot have healed! He is no longer itchy! And he feels good inside!

Just as expected. I told him his initial healing will be rebuilding his liver. From there, the liver heals internal vital organs, then the skin will heal.

I gave Bugoy my pH paper acid / alkaline tester so that he can test his drinking water sources and pick the more alkaline source for healthful drinking.

I also told him to visit www.eatsprouts.com; a wonderful informative site selling sprouting equipment, but in the process, her information on sprouting and alkaline drinking water is outstanding.

I’m happy for Bugoy. He has this new red rosy cheeks warm look and slim but now getting firm build.

I must remind Bugoy to give the drinking of wheat grass juice a rest of 2 days (saturdays and sundays) every week.

Of course I must remember to ask when his wisdom tooth comes out and when he plans to schedule a 3rd liver flush.

I would suggest to ride out this improvement wave and schedule the 3rd liver flush when this improvement wave starts to plateau. Maybe in 2 or 3 weeks? We will see.

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