My Alkali burn update, infection, impetigo, gentian violet, zeolite, probiotics

This is an interesting progress of the things I learned in this alkali burn episode. Oh well, turn tragedy into a learning experience.

My legs became swollen and hot. Just like the burn sites described. The swellings and the very painful lymph nodes on both my groins were signs of terrible infections going on. It was painful at the first 2 weeks as if my muscles were being eaten. The infection spread to some points on my left arm where bacterial pus exhausts appeared and one on my right ring finger. Zapping the infections would bring pain relief. I limped myself to a hospital emergency room. The resident doctor promptly dressed the wounds in bactroban, an antibiotic cream, and I got prescribed amoxiclav for one week. Oh the horror, antibiotics.

The immediate action of the antibiotics was to diminish the swelling on both my legs. I could walk normally after a few days.

The bactroban was not working in sealing my wounds. I knew I needed something better.

I consulted my grandmother, she survived a terrible burn from a clothes iron on her left arm. My grandmother’s recommendation was gentian violet. What do you know? It only cost P 14.50 at the drug store, around 30 US cents. Best of all, gentian violet works! The immediate action was to scab on the most important parts. And once the scab was in place, healing inside began.

The ugly part about this episode is I infected my 5 year old boy who sleeps beside me. He had a seemingly ordinary wound that turned ugly and started to look like my infected burns. Grrr… anthroposophic doctor says that is their clinical definition of impetigo. A form of streptococcus infection. We tried it her way first with guava leaves to wash, then hydrogen peroxide, then the homeopathic cream and a homeopathic medicine underneath my son’s tongue. Nothing after 5 days. I switched my son to gentian violet. Great results now after 3 days, scabbing.

The downside of gentian violet is it is violet, and gets into everywhere. It isn’t aesthetic like the vanishing cream bactroban, but it works wonderfully on impetigo.

My son and I then consulted Dr. Austria about our case. She gave us her cure all treatment. Very interesting new stuff to me.

#1 OMX Probiotic from Japan, 12 strains of beneficial bacteria, the real deal anti-biotic to get the bad ones under control, colonize our guts. Ouch $1 US dollar per pill. 3 times per day.

#2 Zeolite, the cheaper form in powder packaged in capsules, chelates and detoxifies, gives energy and improves PH.

#3 Multivitamins, I bought one at healthy options. Vitamin C, I bought a tested one at healthy options. Fish oil for omega 3.

#4 More probiotics with Lola Conching’s coconut and honey vinegar fermented for 6 months. Yummy stuff.

I’m happy to learn new stuff, watch me add this new knowledge to my next eczema cure protocol.

And I just bought a water ionizer to make alkaline water. These things have been sold to millions in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. I’ll be installing this tomorrow and will report on this too.

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