My 13th Liver Flush, chemical burn and infection recovery

I did a Hulda Clark style liver flush which spanned last Friday and Saturday (March 9th and 10th). I still expelled a good show of liver stones. Not as much as my 12th liver flush. But the results were significant and I’m sharing my photos here.

Of course I’m scheduled to flush every month as the eczema cure protocol states I have to continue flushing until I empty my liver of stones.

If you have been following my personal story where I cured myself of my eczema, my current problem is recovery from chemical burns via Calcium hydroxide which triggered a massive infection that spread to my whole body. I was experimenting to help my brother Bugoy who is recovering extremely well from his full body eczema / atopic dermatitis / liver cirrhosis. That was the reason for my current dilemma.

Upon taking oral antibiotics, the swelling on both my legs subsided. And with it the pain from my groin lymphnodes disappeared. The painful channel of pus infection that spread to my right ring finger healed. With the help of gentian violet, my left arm infections healed. my left leg infection spot is still scabbed; and my right leg where I used to have my old eczema is slowly healing.

I’m experimenting stopping the gentian violet applications so I can see exactly how my skin is doing. I tried some honey which does work somewhat but is sticky. Then I think I’m settling with Betadine, povidone-iodine since it is more convenient. I’m helping things along with some virgin coconut oil applications around the legs. And now I borrowed my brother’s big zapper and placing them under the arches of my feet for 20 minutes a day.

Internally, I’m taking probiotics 3 times per day. Used to be the expensive OMX from Japan which had some 12 types of bacteria. But to save money I settled on Solgar with 4 types of bacteria in the billions. I’m also taking fish oil supplements, 2000 mg of vitamin C and a multivitamin from healthy options.

Someone emailed me about why I do other things besides my zapper. My answer is that I see all these as tools. A carpenter can’t do the whole job with just a hammer. Same thing with healing, it’s a broad spectrum thing. The zapper has its good points, but I won’t put my faith in just a zapper. Oh, that is me, no faith, I like doing some redundancy to make sure. From what I’ve read about chemical burn and infection recovery, these things take a long time to heal.

What really annoyed me was that my son who sleeps beside me also got infected and had his share of open sores on his left leg which the anthroposophic doctor theorized as impetigo. He was first given anthroposphic and homeopathic stuff, but it didn’t work, no progress. The herbal antibiotic ampalaya leaves did not work either. What got us results is gentian violet. Gentian violet was recommended by my grandmother who herself suffered from a big heat burn via a clothes iron on her left arm. My boy is down to healing 1 last spot. Slow but sure.

The mystery is guessing how my old eczema is related to this calcium hydroxide burn and infection. My yaya and part time herbalist thinks that the old eczema sites on my legs were “weak” so they were the ones that got burned. Maybe the old sites harbored some dormant germs. Maybe the old sites had old tissues that needed discarding, which attracted the infections so that by body is cleaned by the germs. Maybe the old toxins and flesh attracted the alkaline hydrogen peroxide and this caused the chemical burns. Or maybe calcium hydroxide by itself is really dangerous. Whatever. I just hope this current liver flush, internal vitamins and topical measures heal me faster. It has been too long an infection and it slows me down from attending to my business.

Liver stones from my 13th liver flush on page 2

Liver stones from my 13th liver flush
10 March 2007

1/2 inch green liver stone cut in half

gravel like green stones

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