My terrible burn infection and final stages of recovery

A number of weeks ago I tried an alkalizing protocol using calcium hydroxide in an effort to experiment with ways to help my brother Bugoy with his full body eczema. This experiment turned out to be a total disaster as the alkali was absorbed through my old eczema sites and I suffered painful intra muscle 2nd degree alkali burns which caused debilitating stubborn infections that even crossed over to my 5 year old son.

At first I did not recognize the infection and only thought of the alkali burns. Then after enduring at least 1 week of pain I read about dunking in lots of water to help alkali burns. Then I realized that burns of this nature took a long time.

I went to a hospital and had my burns treated. The attending doctor said they were 2nd degree burns. She gave me an anti-biotic cream called bactroban and amoxiclav for oral treatment.

The amoxiclav was able to dissipate the swelling of my legs and relieve my groin lymph nodes of all pain. But my ravaged skin was unable to heal or scab.

I tried herbs, hydrogen peroxide and other things on my skin to close up but nothing worked.

A breakthrough came when my grandmother suggested gentian violet as this helped her when she herself was burned on her left arm many years ago.

Indeed the gentian violet worked fast. It immediately formed all the scabs needed in all the right places and my skin healing began. Without this scab formation, no healing is possible.

My 5 year old son was also infected. He sleeps on my right side and his left leg broke out in impetigo sores as diagnosed by the anthroposophic doctor Chen. Now I was in good company. We had to take the same medications.

We were prescribed a good and expensive probiotic called OMX from Japan. We were also given a cheap form of Zeolite. Also some 2 grams of vitamin C a day. Also a multivitamin. And fish oil supplements.

I also bought a water ionizer with the Singer brand, my son and I have been drinking PH 9.5 water for 3 weeks now.

The zeolite was expensive and after 2 weeks I didn’t buy any more. We replaced the OMX probiotics with a cheaper alternative from Solgar.

My son’s impetigo like lesions are all almost gone, the 2 big spots are still live scars, they still have something in them. Virgin Coconut Oil helped him heal. Zapping also helped when his scabs were itchy or painful. I have stopped momentarily putting gentian violet on my legs because I want to see the scabs chip off and reveal new skin. But is the new skin ready? A week ago I tried it, my skin was not ready so I put gentian violet. This time I’ve stopped putting gentian violet, but I can feel some small pain and some itching on the new skin. I just zap with a zapper. I borrowed my brother’s regular zapper and zap away every evening.

I will be editing this article again to post pictures, maybe tomorrow.

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