New skin rashes indicate poor bile and pancreatic enzyme release or production

After some 3 days of hard thinking, scratching and keen observation I came last night to the eureka conclusion that my rashes is really a sign of poor bile and pancreatic enzyme release or production.

It seems the past 2 liver flushes, the parasite cleanse, the chemical burn episode and the supplement and antibiotic treatments have dampened my liver and pancreas functions.

Andreas Moritz thinks killing parasites causes liver congestion. I just finished a parasite cleanse program and still continue zapping.

I conclusively found this out last night when for relief I popped in 2 tablets of Solgar pancreatin with digestive enzymes. Immediate itch relief in 30 minutes. Then I took 2 more to get to sleep. Then I took one just after breakfast.

Now that I have a band aid, a temporary crutch with the pancreatin supplement, what is the cure plan?

Looks like we have to go through an apple juice and olive oil liver flush. Maybe the apple juice is what I�ve been missing from the 2 hulda clark flushes. I will also take daily wheatgrass juice as my brother had good results with this. Plus I will take the anthroposophic medicine hepatodoron. The description of which says:

Hepatodoron Tablets

Liver tonic

Use as a liver tonic, to stimulate liver activity by improving protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Hepatodoron is used to treat all chronic inflammatory and degenerative liver conditions, including chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, constipation and eczema.

It is often the second liver treatment, after a cleanser such as Chelidonium Comp. or Digestodoron has been used.

The liver is the largest organ inside the body, with several major functions. This tonic strengthens the liver and enables it to function efficiently, eg to stabilise the body�s blood-sugar level, detoxify poisons, process fats and proteins and remove waste products.

Symptoms of liver malfunction include sudden exhaustion, bad taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, distaste for certain foods, irritability or a general feeling of unwellness.


Fragaria is the wood-strawberry, and Vitis vinefera is the grapevine. They stimulate liver activity and build up liver capacity, so its function is more regulated and strengthened.

1 tablet (200mg) contains: Fragaria vesca, dry leaf 40mg; Vitis vinifera, dry leaf 40mg; in lactose base.

TAKE 1 TABLET (CHILD UP TO 7 YEARS) OR 2 TABLETS (ADULT) TWICE DAILY AFTER 3pm, or as directed by your practitioner.

For a course of treatment it is recommended that Hepatodoron be taken for about 6 weeks and then repeated after an interval of 2 weeks. If symptoms persist, consult your practitioner.

As the principle organ of metabolism and digestion, a healthy liver depends on the quality of our food. Increase wholemeal bread and grains, and lower sugar and fat intake, avoiding all fried and deep fried food (which are very difficult to digest). The liver has to dispose of all the poisons we absorb from �unhealthy� food.

Pronounced: He – pat – o – door – on.

Hepatodoron is a product of Weleda.

This afternoon I started consuming a good amount of apple juice, its making me fart. I started on the hepatodoron. Seems to be working. This will be concluded by an apple juice and olive oil flush within this week.

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