Root canal extraction should remove a root cause of many diseases

Yesterday I had my lower left jaw molar removed. This was a 3 year old root canal dead tooth remaining in my jaw with a metal fused cap. On xray it was diagnosed to have a cyst underneath. And the biodentist had to cut up the tooth to remove it.

I’m glad that root canal extraction finally happened. I expect to be as healthy as Superman in the next few weeks. Tha alkali burn episode and antibiotic side effects weakened me and I lost a good 5 pounds. I’d like to see my skin clear and spotless. I’d like to see the rashes on my left arm disappear as a result. It has been 24 hours and indications show the theory of root canal dangers are correct.

I will have to make additional info here available in the next few days. It has only been 24 hours. My jaw has not healed. I can’t chew on my left side. Dentist gave me a choice between a fast acting common pharmaceutical pain reliever and a slow acting natural pain reliever. I’ve tried mefanamic acid before and I don’t remember side effects so I took that instead. Just one tablet after leaving the dentist and one at night before bed. This morning I never drank another pain reliever tablet.

I’m feeling my neck’s left side. It is usually stiffer than my right. My sign that the dead tooth was up to something. With the dead tooth gone and the cyst gone, I expect a normal and totally healed left neck.

Be back in a few days to tell you how the root canal extraction has been going for me.


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