My Liver Flush May 06 2007 produced a handful of liver stones

My 17th liver flush and after finishing a big can of lecithin still produced a handfull of green liver stones. There was even a 1 inch wide stone. One of the biggest I’ve dumped ever. Maybe some of the experts are correct, about taking 2 whole years to clear a liver of stones.

But I’m not giving up. I bought a new bottle of lecithin, this time in capsules.

The other thing new I’ll be doing is going 90% raw vegan diet. Just like in the PH Miracle book. But this time, Filipino style.

The problem with the PH Miracle is that I live in the Philippines and we have a different set of vegetables and fruits here.

I went to Dr. Tam Mateo’s naturopath seminar and just finished consulting with him today.

I’ll be telling you all about my consultation, Dr. Tam and my new raw food plan. I just bought a brand new Matstone juicer. Oh this is so exciting!

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