Ph Miracle with Doctor Tam Mateo Philippine Naturopath

I first knew about Dr. Tam Mateo through his colon cleanse product Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. I saw the brochure and it says Dr. Tam conducts a free seminar every Sunday 2:30 pm. So there I found myself attending.

It was a fun seminar. His assistant spoke first exposing the dangers of eating meat, pharmaceutical nightmare chain of events, making a demo of steam bathing, a vegetable preparation demo, a sales pitch for live green: wheat grass, alfalfa and barley; there was Dr. Tam’s 13 year old doctor helping with the demo and Dr. Tam’s 5 year old daughter singing and showing the audience that a 5 year old girl actually eats RAW vegetables.

Then there was a parade of cures, at the first seminar I attended there were 3 former patients. An islamic imam / priest for prostate cancer cure, a breast cancer cure, and a woman with multiple ailments cure. They told their stories. It was clear these people were at that point where they are just so happy to get well they seem to be freely speaking of their own free will, free of charge. Well, I do the same thing with this web site don’t I?

Then Doctor Tam Mateo appeared. He’s a funny man. A religious man. He says he was a successful businessman in the USA until his wife came down with breast cancer. And in the pursuit of the cure for his wife came an obsession to be the first Filipino Naturopath. His wife was cured and is now with us also as a consultant. There are 3 consultants in Dr. Tam Mateo’s team: Dr. Tam Mateo, Mrs. Mateo and his assistant Aileen.

The great deal about Dr. Tam Mateo is that he is Filipino. The PH Miracle by Dr Robert Young is an amazing guide but he is American and his foods are… well… American. So Dr. Tam is a good guide for Filipinos to follow as his recipes and consultation is for Filipinos. The fruits and vegetables are familiar and easily available for us Filipinos.

I will tell you all about my experience after a 10 day 90% raw program in my next post.


  1. the testimony of the islamic imam was true, he is a friend of my brother in law.

  2. romy ignacio says:

    dr.tam ano po gamot sa high cholesterol at high blood kc gusto ko malaman kung anong klaseng gulay at prutas ang gagamitin at saan po kami pwedeng bumili ng miracle tea thank you.

  3. dr.tam,
    5 months na po ang nakalipas mula ng mag email ako hanngang ngayon wala po response sana po mabigyan pansin yo kaming nasa milya milya ang layo.salamat po

  4. jane fernando says:

    ask po namin my mother got an operation arterial pulmonary embolism. now she is in the house now… but we notice the both legs and feet at swollen… can we ask some advice what are food should we avoid… or what are the vegetables and fruits that will help my mom…

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