Uncle Boyet’s Kidney Cancer Cure Program

Uncle Boyet is the youngest brother of my mother in law. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in April 2007 after finding it difficult to urinate, in excruciating pain, urinated blood and was diagnosed to have a 3.7 inch x 3.7 inch x 3.7 inch cyst engulfing his right kidney.

As is usual, his urologist suggested surgery to remove his right kidney, then undergo chemotherapy. The usual western medical route towards masking the symptoms and towards a sure excruciating death.

Luckily, uncle Boyet does not have the money for such medical folly.

His elder sister, my mother in law volunteered financial help, but only if uncle Boyet went over to our side, the truth in health side. Mother in law handed him her copy of Dr. Hulda Clark’s book: “The Cure for All Cancers.” I have observed that uncle Boyet is immensely interested in reading the book from cover to cover.

The voluntary responsibility of curing uncle Boyet landed on my lap. I made my interviews and have diagnosed the root causes of his problem.


* Lower back pain began in 1981. Back pain is so bad, he cannot lift a thing.
* Since then, for 26 years, all they did was concentrate on possible back injury, never suspecting kidney problems!!!
* Parasite laden home environment being a cat lover living with dozens of cats, dogs and even his son farming hamsters.
* Former work environment with chemical handling of a chicken farm.
* Polluted home environment living beside a big polluted busy highway.
* Polluted home and work environment as he tends to their junk shop.
* Polluted home water with old copper pipes used for drinking and cleaning water.
* Use of poison chemical salt pure sodium chloride, in place of real sea salt.
* Root canal on his front right top tooth directly affects his right kidney as documented in the biological dentist’s chart.
* Regular use of isopropyl alcohol and other personal care products.
* Very fond of sweets, must have yeast overgrowth, acidic blood.
* Standard urban filipino diet, not much unlike the standard american diet.
* Poor sleeping schedule, sleeps 01:30 to 02:00 everyday watching television waiting for all the tv stations to sign off! Completely missing the 10pm to 2am healing cycle of the body.

Now for the kidney cancer cure protocol:

Colon Cleanse – Using Dr. Tam Mateo’s Miracle Tea, 10 days of 1/2 cup per day 1 hour after dinner.

Kidney Cleanse – Using Dr. Tam Mateo’s Kidney Herbs plus alternating consumption of coconut water, water melons, fresh banaba tea, and avocado leaves tea.

PH Miracle Program / Nutrition – Dr. Tam’s suggestions for 100% raw vegetable and fruit diet for the first 10 days plus large amounts of Live Green: Wheat Grass Kamut, Alfalfa and Barley. Consume real salt ala water cure protocol 1/2 tablespoon per 2 liters reverse osmosis clean water

Herbs and Supplements – Dr. Tam’s liquid cancer formula, anti oxidants, vitamin E and other suggestions from Dr. Tam

Parasite Cleanse – Via Humaworm for 30 days plus a Zapper with a 7-20-7-20-7 protocol everyday

Liver Cleanse – 10 liver flushes minimum via Hulda Clark protocol and sometimes with apple juice as described by Andreas Moritz

Yeast Cleanse – 3 day virgin coconut oil detox as described in the book Coconut cures.

Rest – alter sleeping habits to sleep by 10pm

Environment – do something about their home and work environment, whatever he can afford to do

Exercise – begin with steam baths

Dental Cleanse – Root canal removal, one tooth. There are 2 amalgam fillings but they will not be rooted out because of current kidney problems may not handle the load of amalgam removal. Will await fully functioning right kidney later on.

Uncle Boyet’s progress so far:

* Colon cleansing protocol finished.
* Raw food being consumed everyday.
* Now reportedly sleeps at 11pm.
* Zapping daily.
* Will do 1st liver flush this week.
* Waiting for Humaworm parasite cleanse to arrive.
* Already diagnosed by the biological dentist, will await his preparedness to remove root canal.

Why am I now getting my feet wet in cancer cures? Degenerative diseases are all the same. Diseases are all toxicity, acidity problems.

I predict uncle Boyet will be declared cured by the end of the year. His only probable downfall is if he is fooled into surgery and chemotherapy.

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