Uncle Boyet’s Kidney Cancer Cure Update May 27, 2007

Now that Uncle Boyet understands that the lower back pain he suffered for 26 years was kidney pain, he now uses this as a measure of his cancer cure protocol. Uncle Boyet reports his lower back pain has vanished, disappeared, gone for 4 days now.

Uncle Boyet wants to do an ultrasound again of his kidney. I said it’s too soon. Imagine, for 26 years you let your kidney fester and in less than 1 month of the cure attempt you want an ultrasound? Unreasonable. I told him to wait 3 months. Just like the example bladder tumor cure in the PH Miracle book, after 3 months of an alkalizing diet, the man was cured.

Uncle Boyet did a Hulda Clark liver flush May 25 and 26. He said he went to the toilet 6 times, and eventually unloaded some 60 green stones some the size of corn kernels and some smaller. Good first liver flush. I reminded him that he has to do a minimum of 10 liver flushes. It has to be spaced 2 to 4 weeks and when he feels good doing it. He has to listen to his body.

Uncle Boyet is sticking to his 100% raw diet. Great alkalizing effort. I reminded him to drink 2 liters of water everyday.

I told Uncle Boyet to add My Marvel Taheebo Tea aka Pau d Arco to his regimen; 2 cups a day, the first cup in the morning upon waking and the 2nd before dinner. Very cheap cure. The legendary holy tree of Brazil is here available in every Philippine drug store. Apparently, My Marvel Taheebo Tea is very popular and well marketed.

Uncle Boyet has scheduled for his root canal extraction via the bio dentist next week.

We are waiting for his parasite cleanse herbs from Humaworm which should arrive next week too.

Ah yes, the sweet smell of the beginnings of a successful cure. All because Uncle Boyet and his whole family and especially his older sister were all solid in supporting this cure protocol.

Is this the beginning of a miracle? Not at all. This is just what I expected.

Come visit us again and follow this cancer cure as it happens.

I developed my own cancer cure protocol and posted it in www.curelibrary.com. See my Cancer Cure Protocol at http://www.curelibrary.com/blog/health-notes/may-2007-cancer-cure-protocol/.

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