Let your eczemas be your guide!

My observation: Eczematic people better off than tumoric people. Our bodies are wiser. Instead of ugly tumors that regular doctors are itchy to remove via surgery, we eczematic people scratch our way to detoxing and acid release via our skin. Now those surgeons can’t have their excuse and rip off our organs.

I subscribe to the theory that all diseases are toxin and acid related. The good thing about eczema is if you are smart and well informed, you know immediately that you have toxins and acids being released. You can do your personal experiments and methodically cure everything that ails you and you have the eczema as the most wonderfully accurate measure of your progress!

So do not ever sabotage your eczema with the use of symptom suppressing steroids! Now you will be reduced to healing blindly.

If I weren’t eczematic, I’d have developed tumors somewhere and then probably diagnosed with cancer of the anything they can name.

So there you are all you eczematic people reading this. Your goal is to heal all lesions in all parts of your body. Not one bit left. Not one itch left… except for the mosquito bite every now and then.

Follow the cure protocols and measure your way to health. No need for expensive hospital diagnostic equipment. No need for PH papers to measure your urine and salive. Let your eczemas be your guide!

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