Eczema controlled or cured forever?

I was inspired to answer a query in the curezone forums if what I describe in my eczema cure protocols are merely means of “control” and people are not to lead a “normal” life anymore.

Subject: Cure or control?
Username: naravahanadata
Date: 5/30/2007 9:38:13 AM ( 11 h ago )

Goodsamaritan, I really DO admire you, but you call this CURED? I call this “controlling” the disease, not “curing” it. I understand that severe cases will do anything to rid themselves off this plague, however they then have to watch their diet and lifestyle forever.. I know a lot of raw foodists who literally cannot eat anything not raw unless they want to experience very unpleasant reactions. This is not exactly how I want to spend the rest of my life. I still believe there must be some way how to heal yourself FOR GOOD without having to restrict yourself so much for the next several decades. I do eat loads of raw fruits and vegetables, I avoid chemicals and additives in my food and drink as much as I can, I fast regularly, but I still want to be able to eat my rice, cooked vegetables as well as raw and drink my wine occasionally 🙁

Ah, sorry, just voicing my dismay. I believe our body is a miracle, if we give it a chance, it should be able to heal completely.. If we change our attitudes, the reason for our body to malfunction should disappear. I hope.

Peace xx


Subject: Answer: Cured!
Username: goodsamaritan55
Date: 5/30/2007 1:04:49 PM ( 7 h ago )

Thank you for inspiring me to answer…

No control stuff here.
Cured Cured Cured.

People need to realize that the habits they thought were “normal” are in fact toxic, acidic, and poisonous.

I know MOST people today are TV dummies. They actually get hypnotized by all the advertisments and stuff themselves with poisonous products such as sunblock, lotions, anti-perspirants. They get convinced that eating hotdogs, breakfast cereal, pus filled milk, hamburgers, pizza and kentucky fried cancer is “normal”.

The “normal” urban diet is TOTALLY ACIDIC. for example:
Breakfast: bread + bacon + eggs + milk + GMO wheat / corn cereal box
Snacks: nuts
Lunch: Fried Chicken + Rice + 2 leaves of lettuce. + Diet Pepsi
Snacks: a hotdog sandwich
Dinner: A Big MAC + Coke

Try giving this everyday to any ATHLETE and see how he deteriorates into mud.

Then there are the perfumes, anti-perspirants, shampoo with SLS, toothpaste with flouride, drinking and bathing in chlorine, putting mercury in your mouth.

All this today’s people think is “normal”.

What is “normal” today is a culture of mediocrity. What is normal today is people accept poor health and a life of taking drugs and surgical removal of body parts as normal.

What is normal today is people accept their obesity and see that being obese is now “normal”.

My best friend is 100 pounds overweight yet he sees no ALARM with his sorry state. His own mother and father died in their 50s because of cancers and diabetes and my friend sees this as “normal.”

What I propose is people first CURE themselves, something like 1,000% So they have a buffer of health say 900%. Then once in a while they can go out and party with their “normal” diseased, drugged and obese friends eating “normally” ridiculous junk and acidic food.

Cured people actually LIKE being healthy.
The cured people have their taste buds adjusted to the new excellent “normal.”
The cured people can be left alone in an all you can eat smorgasboard and still come out and choose the healthiest dishes.
The cured people actually have planned their shopping to the new excellent “normal.”
The cured people will teach their children the new excellent “normal.”

It was the same story when I was overweight by 45 pounds.
Obese people have unhealthy eating habits.
Slim people have very much different habits.
I recently tried a 10 day 90% raw food program thinking that yeah, after 10 days, I will go back to what I thought was “normal”, but Nooooo, in 10 days I felt stronger, I felt cleaner, I felt healthier, my taste buds have changed their tastes and now I actually WANT raw food. Now I can set my sights on something like Mike Adams the health ranger.

Cured people will have learned very healthy habits and this is why they will be cured forever.


This is why I recommend so much reading for my cure protocols so people will eventually “GET IT.”

The TRUTH will HURT and hurt deeply.

But only the TRUTH will heal and the truth will heal you forever.

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