Sleep before 10pm everyday will do wonders for your eczema

Sleep is an aspect I’ve missed in my previous cure protocols. Sleep and adequate rest is of prime importance in any health regimen. You want to be a champ? Learn to sleep like a champ!

Provincial folk in the mountains with no electricity get ready for bed after sunset.

Humans were designed by nature to sleep after sunset. Humans are not nocturnal creatures. Nor should humans try to be nocturnal.

Clue: If you have a nocturnal job, get a better job that allows you to sleep at night.

Clue: Just because electricity is available in our houses does not mean we should abuse our body by lighting up and staying awake into the wee hours of the night.

My children are required to sleep on or before 8:30pm so they will be healthy and grow optimally.

We adults then are required to sleep before 10pm.

I’ve read in various sources that there is that healing period in our sleep beginning 10pm to 2am. Never ever miss this healing period. Or suffer the consequences.

A few days ago I worked and slept at 4am. I felt terrible. No amount of extending your sleeping hours will suffice for missing the 10pm to 2am window.

Children must sleep before 8:30 pm and adults must sleep before 10 pmWhat am I suggesting here?

As part of your eczema cure protocol you add: “Sleep everyday by 9pm.” Note the word everyday! Do this for weeks and months on end. Along with your other cure protocols, quality sleep will heal you immensely.

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