My State of Health and Knowledge

Looking younger, smarter, prettier, wiser and learning at a faster rate. I am now confident enough and knowledgeable enough to claim to be the family healer of not just my immediate family, but of my extended families as well.

I’ve read and studied the naturopaths Dr. Tam Mateo and Dr. Jerry Hoover and I was convinced to try raw vegan beginning May 2007.

At first my personal chef thought I would stop eating raw vegan foods after the 10 day period, but I told her no. I liked raw vegan so much, I felt immense improvements in the inner core of my being.

I felt energetic enough to finally sign up and actually begin a gym workout program to buff up my body… and vegan at that! With the Health Ranger Mike Adams as my idol, if he can do it, so can I.

Previous red spots on my back which I never saw, but only mentioned by my children’s nannie Jenny said that for the past 5 years she’s always seen the red spots on my back but thought they were natural to be there, now she says that when I did my raw vegan adventure, the spots had totally disappeared! I never knew I had those spots in the first place. Tip: Have someone inspect you all over your body to check for symptoms.

I’m still doing regular liver flushes. I just concluded one right now which resulted in still a good handfull of green stones. When will this ever end… Now that I’m vegan I have to be serious with the lecithin supplements and let’s see if the liver stones disappear next month.

My facial complection is finally improving from what I’ve always dreamed of doing more than 10 years ago, heal the ugly scars on my face which was due to the hundreds of steroidal injections made by those horrible western medical dermatologists during my teenage years. I’ve noticed with the vegan diet that my face now has a good oil film to it.

Vegan diet has removed body odor. If I have a meeting, 1 calamansi (philippine citrus, a tiny green orange) is enough for both arms.

I feel recovered from the horrible alkali burns I suffered from doing my experiments. So I’m sorry for those alkali chemical fans, but I was injured quite a lot by those alkali chemicals so I’m not endorsing their use. I was injured badly, what do you want me to say? Just natural foods for me now.

I’ve taken control of the kitchen. I control the budget. I give no budget to animal sources. Not even for my children. We are on our 2nd week with my 3 kids on full vegan diets. Each one has his own special challenge and I will be posting those in my health blog.

I’ve become smart enough to enroll in Barefoot Herbalist MH’s School of Self Applied Prevention. Absolutely great school. At only $ 108, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of knowledge to gain. Enroll now!

I’ve been healing people left and right now, giving advice and all, remote healing via texting them. There is still Bugoy at 50% cured but slacking off because he has never felt better in his life. There is uncle Boyet who is 20% of the way cured of his kidney cancer but I’m detecting again some slacking off as his back pain has disappeared. There is my paternal grandmother who was hospitalized in a provincial town with the stupidest common western medical doctors doing the usual stupid things so I sent my auntie Portia over there and gave complete materials and equipment for healing with instructions to yank my grandma out of that darned hospital.

The problem with these patients of mine is that they slack off the moment they experience huge improvements. Bugoy has stood me up the past 2 weekends, did not do liver flush, did not meet me to get instructions. He truly is well enough to be able to get a new job. But for me and my maternal grandmother he has low standards, as grandma would complain that Bugoy does not have the same beautiful skin as I have right now! Well of course he does not! What can you expect with his terrible animal acidic diet? Why am I not curing Bugoy to 100%? It’s not my fault he’s lazy and has all the excuses of being too busy to attend to his own healing.

Some relatives are telling me to make money with this new talent. I say no. As I’ve learned from the true healers I personally know, never name a price, not even make money from the herbs and materials as this will impair my judgement. Besides I still make money with my web development business.

I need a new wardrobe. My waistline is down to 32 inches and my shirt size has shrunk. I bought two new shoes and 1 shirt. I need a couple of new pants.

My goal now is to be radiantly healthy, smooth, handsome, and built solid just like the health ranger so that all my friends and relatives are impressed so there will be no doubt in their minds I know some thing they do not.

My next big challenge is my wife who still eats too much animals, 3 times a day, everyday. Wish me luck.

Why stop with just curing eczema? Truth in health cures everything else! That is why I setup my own

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