Bugoy: Complacent, Slacking and has Plateued

My grandmother called me and berated me why I have not cured Bugoy 100% like my own pretty skin. I told her that Bugoy stopped seeing me. Saying he was always busy. He has stood me up so many times. Last Saturday he stood me up again and was not answering his cell phone. I even drove up to his apartment and he was not there. If Bugoy is uninterested in his health, what am I supposed to do huh?

I eventually caught up with Bugoy last night. I badgered him and waited him at past 8pm just as he got home and I caught him in his house. I asked him if he had taken his dinner and said he has not so I invited him to dinner at a chinese restaurant called Tong Yang Hot Pot. These restaurants have a pot of boiling soup in the middle of the table and you get your uncooked food all you can eat and dip in the soup to boil for yourself.

This was my opportunity to see Bugoy and teach him. He looked stressed. Adjusting to his work schedule. He arrives in the office at 8am and leaves at 7pm! What a slave driving office! A no life office.

Bugoy seemed to have gained a few pounds. Looks like weight gain from an acidic diet. Bugoy is still dependent on street office food. Not good. Not good at all. Meat plus white rice plus tiny overcooked vegetables. And he has been forgetting to order his wheatgrass juice.

I think Bugoy has plateaued in his progress. I even think he is going downhill. Can you expect to be cured with just a set of colon hydrotherapy sessions 6 months ago and 2 liver flushes? All the while he maintains his sickly, polluting, acidic diet of meat 3 times a day everyday plus ice cream addiction? Plus a stressful work schedule that only gets him 5 to 6 hours of sleep everyday? Insane!

The CURE is to change the whole damned lifestyle! A new lifestyle conducive to human nurturing and healing!

Bugoy says I lost weight. But my skin is glowing and smooth. Plus I have a radiant smile with me. I told him it was all because my VEGAN diet has been paying off. Plus I started a gym program.

I told Bugoy how I was saving my mother in law’s brother from Kidney Cancer, how I recently saved our paternal grandmother from certain death due to hospital induced pneumonia, how all my children are now vegan, how my other boy was cured using activated charcoal, etc, etc.

And I showed Bugoy a printed copy of Barefoot Herbalist’s Book I. That I enrolled in the School of Self-Applied Prevention. That Barefoot is one of the most important teachers of Hulda Clark.

I was made sure Bugoy did not eat a bite of meat this dinner. I was paying for it. He even got a piece of fish carcass and put it on the frier beside the pot. I showed him I was angry and that I was paying for this meal and teaching the lessons at the same time. I told bugoy that just ONE MEAL without meat was all I was asking of him right now. He showed his meat addiction there. He is not alone. Many are addicted to meat just like he is today.

Bugoy promised me a liver flush this coming weekend. I’ll have to teach him personally.

Update: June 24, 2007

Yesterday Bugoy called me up regarding notes about how to follow the Hulda Clark liver flush from the book I gave him, the cure for all diseases. He asked me about the ornithine capsules. I told him to disregard those ornithine capsules.

This morning at 7am I called and asked him how his liver flush has been going so far. Bugoy told me that HE DID NOT DO A LIVER FLUSH… again… because he was unable to buy grapefruits or lemons. Bugoy says he will try to do a liver flush next week.

Lazy absolutely lazy. His illness must have warped his head. Now you realize why some people never achieve 100% cure.

How about you dear reader? What kind of patient will you choose to be?

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