Bugoy: Finally does 3rd Liver Flush

I am happy to report that yes, at last, Bugoy has been pestered to finally do a 3rd liver flush. For the first time using the Hulda Clark liver flush protocol with grapefruits instead of lemons.

Bugoy counted some 200 stones, most of them green, but some of them black, and about 50 of them “big”. I told him to take photos but he did not. Grrr….

Bugoy experienced extreme nausea again before finally dumping his stones.

I told him I would come over and give him just a 1/3 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea for a colon cleanse to make sure all stones are removed from his colon but he declined. He said he “thinks” he pooped all of them out.

Of course I know Bugoy is just on the cleansing treatment. This so far is not yet cure. As I am still having difficulty convincing Bugoy to turn vegan, if not just reduce his animal food source consumption to just one meal a day or one animal meal every other day. And his animal sources are NOT organic, he eats animals 3x a day everyday, and he is still addicted to ice cream. It’s not too much to ask is it? But I know it is too much to ask of him.

Bugoy seems too busy to pay any attention to what I teach him. Maybe a few more tweaks of cleansing and diet in Bugoy will raise his mind’s consciousness level so we can communicate. I am disappointed that there seems to be no focus or determination from him.

Bugoy’s focus and determination right now is his new job and his exam reviews. Though I keep telling him, the only reason he can do those things now is because of these health treatments, just colon hydrotherapy, kidney cleanses, 3 liver flushes and sometimes supplementing with wheatgrass juice.

What Bugoy should be doing next:

* On schedule liver flushes every 2 weeks.
* A 10 day colon cleanse program using Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea
* A shift away from animal food, down to 2 meals of fish a month
* Shift from white rice to brown rice
* Shift of diet to more raw organic fruits and vegetables
* A sleeping habit that gets him to bed before 10pm
* An exercise program that gets him to sweat
* A schedule for regular sunlight
* A Virgin Coconut Oil fasting detox of 2 to 3 days to remove his ice cream addiction

The next goal is to remove his need to use a moisturizer on his skin.

Come back again to see Bugoy’s progress.

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