Book 1 describes food cure for eczema and psoriasis

I would like to highlight what Book 1 in the School of Self Applied Prevention has to say about eczema and psoriasis.

“Eczema is nothing more than an acid exudate finding exit through the skin, and is curable by correcting the acid-forming diet to a neutral or alkaline one, wholly without local applications or medication of any kind whatever.

Psoriasis goes the same way, but slower, as it is more chronic, and the ancient search for germs is connection with psoriasis, seeking to class it with the infections, is barking up the wrong tree, for psoriasis gets well just as surely as does eczema.

Some cases of psoriasis require that all animal foods be wholly interdicted, even milk, before they will fully clear up, while most will clear up on vital foods including raw milk.”

What is the message?


In modern language, also check up on the book the PH Miracle by Robert Young. The battle is over PH.

The battle is over what foods are HUMANS supposed to be eating and drinking. Any naturopath will tell you that HUMANS are not supposed to be consuming animals. Humans are anatomically / biologically meant to consume fruits and vegetables.

It’s like when you buy a car that runs on 95% octane gasoline. You are supposed to gas up with 95% octane gasoline, right? And most of you do. Only if you are desperate do you gas up with regular gasoline at 93% or 90% or 85% octane. Even worse if you so happen to gas up with contaminated gasoline! Your car would not run well.

I used to manage a gas station and the fumbling tanker driver mistakenly dumped diesel fuel in the gasoline underground tank! We sure had some very angry customers that day! About a dozen cars conked out, were injured, got stuck up, stopped running due to their gasoline being contaminated with a lot of diesel fuel!

Yet human beings in a worldwide scale are idiotically poisoning themselves with “foods” that aren’t foods at all to begin with! Your working horse runs on grass. Your working carabao runs on grass. Try feeding your carabao that corn meal and fattening feed they feed farmed cows and see your working carabao deteriorate. Same thing with freely roaming chickens that feed on grass, plants and grubs. Farmed chicken are fed man made “feeds” that were formulated for the chickens to grow fat and fast so they are profitable for the farmers, for the benefit of the farmers… not for the chickens’ health!

So back to us HUMANS. Are you eating to benefit YOURSELF? Or are you eating to benefit the restaurants, the shopkeepers, the “food” industry? Stop poisoning yourselves. Humans deserve 95% octane fuel = raw fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try human food exclusively for 60 days and write me how much better you feel.


  1. Animal fats are important. Very important vitamins are FAT soluable. That fat should come from natural animals.

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