GCU Healing Arts: Acu Pressure, Malaysian Herbs, Chinese Herbs, Steam Bath

Last week I was lucky to have chanced upon a new wellness center called the GCU Healing Arts and Wellness Center. It was a prospective customer for our web development services. I did my usual interviews and inspected the place and found that these people did real healing.
I was met by the resident expert Doc Tonette. And she explained to me what they did. It was easy for me to understand and be enlightened to hear that she was the real deal. She was a real expert, someone who knew good theory. She also turned out to be an even better hands on expert.

The owner Gloria C. Uy had instructed that I get a free service for that day, lucky me and my employee got a free service that night.

We had a massage cubicle where we changed into their healing pajamas.

First we got into the steam baths. A rice cooker underneath a plastic chair. Nice cubicles, with nice cloth zipped cover to cover us in steam. Doc Tonette said I took an awful long time to sweat. She senses something wrong. She also says my sweat was sticky. I have to admit this was my first steam bath ever. After the upteenth extension, Doc Tonette was happy with my sweat and took me to the cubicle.

Second, I was analyzed and poked all over, a checkup, Chinese style probably. Then I was analyzed with lack of circulation at my extremeties, my hands were not flush red enough. So Doc Tonette pocked and massaged the pressure points on my arms, hands, back and body to stimulate and unblock channels for circulation. In a few minutes my palms had more color and I did feel new energy on my hands.

Third, removal of old stuck mucus. Doc Tonette explains that a major cause of human acidity is lack of oxygen in our bodies. One big contributing factor is accumulation of old mucus which reduces your breathing capacity. This is the painful one. Doc Tonette pokes her strong fingers at about 2 inches below my adams apple and forces me in a way to stimulate a reflex that is supposed to expel old mucus mechanically. I feel like throwing up, but just throwing up mucus from my lungs. Then Doc Tonette comes up with a tongue depressor and also pokes at the back of my tongue also to stimulate a reflex to expel old mucus. So I wind up teary eyed and spitting a good amount of what is supposed to be old mucus. It was quite an experience, not pleasant but it should be effective for those who need it.

So there you have it, a steam bath, accu-pressure for circulation improvement, accu-pressure for mechanical removal of mucus.

Doc Tonette also presented their herbals. They carry Dynapharm herbals. Malaysian produced herbals. I got their vitamin c, their Dyna Tonic (lung cleansing and kidney cleansing, traditional herbal formula), Ginko Biloba supplements (in tablets for circulation) and Tongkat Ali Coffee (for circulation). I’m trying them out. Will see what comes out of all this.

We will be constructing their new website this week, see www.gcuhealingarts.com next week!

P.S. I was impressed by the service and techniques of this center that immediately I made an appointment for my son and one of our nannies who has been sick for quite some time. They took the same 3 step treatment I did. Then my son was recommended goat milk tablets for probiotics for his tummy. I think Doc Tonette nailed it with my son. After being sick for almost 3 weeks, my son finally was well enough to go to school this morning.

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