Kidney Cancer, Root Canal Removal and Death by Amalgam Replacement

This is a follow up of my “patient” uncle Boyet who was diagnosed with kidney cancer last early May 2007. He finally was well enough to have his root canalled front right upper tooth removed.
I immediately put uncle Boyet on my cancer cure protocol which I outlined in .

I took him to Dr. Tam Mateo the Naturopath to get him started on his raw food vegan lifestyle. I did the same vegan, so uncle was in good company.

I saw him after a long spell last Friday and he was surprised I slimmed down just like him. Well I told him that I wouldn’t be recommending stuff to him that I did not do as well would I?

He came over all the way from Laguna to fetch a couple of materials her older sister, my mother in law had gifted him with. Dr. Tam just concluded a buy 1 take 1 promo and Uncle Boyet was gifted with 2 bottles of the Miracle Tea (acts like LBB of Barefoot Herbalist) and 2 plastic canisters of Live Green (Alfalfa, Barley, Wheatgrass).

Uncle Boyet also came over to pick up his Humaworm for his parasite cleansing which just arrived too. I found out uncle boyet has been zapping since May. I must remember to tell him to stop zapping at the same time the Humaworm runs out.

What alarmed me though was that uncle Boyet was planning on not going back to the Biological Dentist to save on costs. He was going to the daughter in law of his younger sister who was a dentist (my old dentist) so he could have his dental work done for free! The kicker is uncle Boyet says he brought his Hulda Clark Cure for All Cancers Book with him and shows it to the regular dentist and expects the regular dentist to perform like a bio dentist. Including that part about amalgam replacement where uncle boyet says he has some 10 amalgams to replace!

Oh my…. oh my…. my alarm bells rang like hell! I could have screemed right there but we were in such a rush to go to the accu-pressure doctor for my son’s treatment. I told uncle boyet to GO TO THE BIODENTIST. I told uncle boyet that his foolishness can cause him DEATH! I told uncle Boyet to promise me to never have his amalgams done by a regular dentist because it will be the death of him! Even the biodentist flatly refused touching his amalgams until he was declared cured of kidney cancer.

Imagine the maddness. I’ve already experienced amalgam / mercury filling removal / replacement with that same mainstream dentist in 2005 when my eczema was still on. My eczema RAGED, FLARED on the same day after each quarter of my amalgams were replaced! I was lucky then with my ignorance. I still had 2 functioning kidneys. Plus my eczema was raging, leaking to help expell the mercury from my body… immediately.

But uncle Boyet? He has 1 working kidney. And ZERO ECZEMA. So amalgam removal / replacement via regular dentist NOW will cause immediate and certain DEATH!

I texted him alright. He didn’t answer. I made him promise, he didn’t answer. I called him. He didn’t answer. Hard headed. I asked my mother in law to call him. She says she finally contacted uncle Boyet Monday morning, this morning. Said he did his dental work Sunday with the regular dentist and only had his upper right root canalled tooth removed. Nothing else.

I sure hope uncle Boyet was telling the truth.

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