My 3 day Coconut Juice Fasting Experience

Some two weeks ago I concluded a 3 day coconut juice (buko juice) fast using the principles of the Barefoot Herbalist MH’s orange juice fast.
My problem was the issue of getting oranges. I wrote barefoot in his forum that oranges did not grow here in the Philippines and that the ones available were imported. I identified a source from Australia. But fresh coconut juice we never ever run out of. Barefoot said this was excellent so I proceeded from there.

Next problem was the nightly enema. First, I have never done an enema. Second, I’m poor and our bathroom is so tiny I can’t lie down anywhere in it. So I decided to take a daily dose of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, it never fails, in 5 to 8 hours you will go take a dump. I guess this is similar to Barefoot’s lower bowel balance capsules. I don’t have access to barefoot’s herbs because he doesn’t ship outside of the USA.

I found out that I needed some 10 coconuts a day to quench my thirst. That is some 3 liters a day. The choice of fruit at the end of the day was either mangoes, bananas or water melon, seasons change and you should eat what is in season.

This is what I learned from this 3 day fast:

1. This kind of fasting is easy. I felt zero hunger.
2. Clearing bowels daily is important, no trash in your body leads to more healing.
3. The principle of having only 1 meal a day is doable and beneficial.

I think I have to increase my weight prior to doing a longer fast. Maybe when I hit 130 pounds I will do a 14 day fast next time. My mission now is to gain weight. The accupressure expert told me to take a handful of spirulina tablets after meals to gain weight. Hope it works.

See for the orange juice fast principles.

I will try to find a good source of organic oranges and do an orange juice fast. I am pretty sure there are differences in the results I will get.

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