Bugoy does 4th liver flush

My brother Bugoy does 4th liver flush. Oh happy day. He says that he expelled not as many stones as before, but still quite a lot. About a hundred small ones and a few big ones.
I told him to:

“Please eat veggies and fruits 3x per day. Meat only 1x per day (he is a meat addict). So you have nutrition for the virgin coconut oil detox which we will do together next week!”

The VCO detox will remove candida / yeast in the fastest most effective way I know how. I hope Bugoy is up to the task. This is the most difficult yet for him to swallow.

This will be the first step to healing a leaky gut. After this he will be put on slippery elm capsules and okra diet. If this natural method heals his gut, we no longer need to do the supplement method of curing leaky gut.

Wish Bugoy luck. Pray for him. Please send in your donations to help him. Click on the Donate button above.

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