I invested in 2 reverse osmosis machines for clean water

My 2 reverse osmosis machines arrived today. I ordered direct from Dan Li the importer. He says these machines can deliver water with readings of only 1 or 2 Total Dissolved Solids.
Of course a distiller can deliver 0 Total Dissolved Solids. But currently, I am financially unable to invest in a distilling machine. Distillers cost too much to invest in and cost too much to operate; running at 900 watts for 24 hours to make a couple of gallons of pure water is too expensive in the Philippines where we have the highest electricity rates in the region.

The reverse osmosis equipment cost less and operate on low power consumption. I bought 2 machines: 1 for drinking in the kitchen and 1 for bathing. Yes bathing. I want my children to bathe in chlorine free water. The installer will come on Sunday.

I also bought a TDS meter. A handy little device that electronically measures the Total Dissolved Solids in a sample of water. Our raw faucet water reads around 64 to 65 TDS. When we measured the output of an old filter we were using, it too showed 64 to 65 TDS, which meant that old filter is not working anymore and should be fixed or retired.

I tested the reverse osmosis water we buy at the village water store and it read 6 TDS. Pretty good.

Here’s to our health. All the healers I’ve read and met have always stressed that you must make your own purified water. Water is too important a resource to leave in other people’s hands.


Update 05 August 2007 Sunday:

The installation guy arrived this morning around 10:30am and installed both units. Finished around 3:30pm. In addition I bought an Ultra Violet (UV) lamp for the last stage so that the water is doubly cleansed of possible microbes.

Unit #1 was installed in the kitchen. I added the UV lamp here.

Unit #2 was installed in the toilet so we can bathe and brush our teeth in clean water.

We can now say goodbye to the water station for now. Hello self filtering.

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