My one day VCO detox and Bugoy fails to show up

I had planned for a 3 day virgin coconut oil detox but I lasted only for 1 day this time. Maybe it was because I was dehydrated upon sleeping. And I started too late while waiting for Bugoy to show up.
Saturday was the day for the big VCO detox. Bugoy was late. I called his cell phone several times but no answer. He finally calls me around 11:30am and says he just woke up! I told him to come right that minute so we could begin the VCO detox.

I could wait no longer and started my own VCO detox. I had figured I got stood up. And yes I did get stood up. Bugoy never arrived. Said he was too tired the whole week and he didn’t eat well too so no reserves.

I consumed a total of 10 tablespoons of VCO. I took a 30ml cup in place of 2 tablespoons every time. I juiced 4 lemons to form 1 cup of lemon juice and mixed this with 7 cups of reverse osmosis water and with 1 teaspoon rock salt. This was good for half a day as I already missed the morning.

In the evening my butt was sore from sitting too often. I must have sat in the toilet more than a dozen times. In fact the last 3 times looked like I was pooping bile already. It was greenish.

Maybe this detox allowed my liver to pump out bile. Who knows?

This morning I felt really weak. I was able to drink half a cup of water when I felt I was about to pass out. So I hurriedly slipped back into bed around 6am. I finally woke up around 7:30am and decided the signs were not good.

Maybe it is because this time I did not eat any yogurt. Maybe I needed the yogurt for energy. I will try again next time.

So this morning I broke the fast. I was exhausted the whole day until this afternoon. But this evening, I feel my energy returning.

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