Preview of my August 2007 Eczema Cure protocol

This is a curezone forum reply I made today in response to a post in the eczema forum. It just inspired me to write on the spot. I hope someone appreciates this for now as my business schedule is getting to be pretty tight.
I’m currently organizing my new cure protocol for August 2007.
In the meantime, you can check out my old cure protocol May 2007.

But please add:

#0 Stop watching TV and all forms of mainstream media, your mind needs de-programming. A paradigm shift needs to happen. Read all the books I recommend instead. If you must watch TV, do not watch the advertisements, most of them are drugs and junk food commercials. You must be DRUG FREE and Junk Food Free.

#1 Leaky Gut Cure – avoid pineapples and papayas and digestive enzymes for now. Do a virgin coconut oil detox. (See Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife) Try to go for 3 days if you can. If not, try even 1 day will do wonders for you to reset your intestinal integrity. This is the fastest, most effective CANDIDA CLEANSE ever, but do not do this if you are alone in the house, have a companion if you get dizzy. If you can get pepzin GI and it works for you, bravo. Or you can get slippery elm supplements + zinc + etc, see my link. and

#2 Do a lung cleanse (Dynapharm Dyna Tonic or equivalent chinese or american herbal) / air restore (barefoot herbalist MH) / PH drops (as Dr. Robert Young of PH Miracle describes) to increase your oxygen intake so you can alkalize.

#3 Do what I describe in my May 2007 eczema cure protocol: colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse (herbal and zapping), liver flush (10 times minimum) + great alkaline, raw, mostly vegan diet (markedly less animals, say 2 meals of ultra fresh fish a month), take control of the kitchen, never eat anything processed by someone else, eat food made from scratch, organic, clean, follow eating plan in Book 1 of barefoot herbalist MH do not mix animal and carbs, never ever for complete digestion, add EFAs and Lecithin supplements, pollution avoidance (see Hulda Clark cure for all diseases), sleep before 10pm everyday, do steambaths, rebounding, sunlight, walk barefoot, drink distilled water / reverse osmosis if you can’t afford distilled (check your water with a TDS tester), get fresh clean air – everything that nurtures human beings.

#4 Buy a juicer. Juice what you can instead of supplementing. Juices are more powerful and safer than supplements. See the juicing books of Meyerowitz.

#5 Re-evaluate everything you are doing and see what works for you. Take photos, record everything, blog (do not post at skincell or any of those in the “religion of no cures”, they state explicitly that they “think” THERE IS NO CURE FOR YOUR DISEASE.), email me, post in curezone, ask CureZone Experts you feel comfortable with.

#6 Concentrate on your health first, the wealth will come in once your health is restored.

#7 Do things that make you happy.

#8 Plan all this and do them.

#9 Ultimately by able to do a 40 day orange juice fast with the guidance of Barefoot herbalist to cure everything and anything else that may be bothering you.

Notice the cure protocols are very cheap, very much affordable. True cures are cheap.

IF YOU ARE RICH: Check in for 2 months at a Hippocrates Wellness Center, in the Philippines it is The Farm at San Benito

I and the experts at Curezone can only guide you in the correct direction, but ultimately you will have to self experiment because we are all individuals with different genetic make ups, environments, conditions, incomes, etc.

This is hard but the reward is the CURE! When we are sick we usually do not realize all the wrong things we were doing to ourselves, and I have to admit my own IQ and EQ were sick as well, way below my potential. This change in paradigm, a change in thinking, a change in living will have to be done for you to be cured. And you will be cured because you did it yourself. Nobody will cure you but you.


  1. Hi. I’m experiencing skin asthma since birth . I tried different creams ans lotions but it doesn’t work. Please help. Elaborate diff.cleansing methods. I really hated having this . Please help.

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