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I stumbled onto a very interesting discussion on why psoriasis is a choice. The original poster said psoriasis is a choice simply because matter of fact, many psoriasis cure books and albeit hard to find websites have always outlined psoriasis cures but still many psoriasis sufferers REFUSE to do the cure protocols because they find them INCONVENIENT! Unbelievable, but oh so common.
Of course 2 psoriasis sufferers had angry replies. But I do hope they learn something from what I posted in support of the original poster.

I said:

I can attest to the point of view of the original poster. I used to be sick of a terrible eczema but I chose to get well and not believe the ignorant doctors who said “there is no cure”. I used as my diary to record everything I did to attempt to find a cure. I had promised all my fellow sufferers that when I found the cure to my eczema I would teach everyone how to cure themselves for free. I initially announced my cure story on But the moderators were enraged and shouted “there is no cure for eczema.” They berated me that I was “confusing the members”. The moderators of skincell erased everything I posted on, my whole diary I kept for almost 1 year.
See this full story and a PDF of the archive of my old posts on as evidence:

But this did not deter me. It so happens I’m a professional web developer and this kind of public disservice of what I thought were trusted organizations is unforgiveable. So I made

It just so happens that my younger brother has been sick of psoriasis for some 15 years. He saw me get well and was impressed, but he did not seek my help… Until he was at the end of his rope and had a full body acne infections from head to toe and all his “doctors”, even his best friend “doctor” could not help him as they all told him psoriasis was incureable. He asked for my help almost dying and I did help him.

Here is my brother Bugoy’s unfolding psoriasis / liver cirrhosis / leaky gut / candida unfolding cure story:

You will notice that as he improved to more than he could possibly imagined he got LAZY and even avoided me, saying he was busy, busy, busy. Then he plateaud. Then he was getting worse. Why? Because he CHOSE NOT to finish what he had begun.

But because he is my younger brother, I will never give up on him. My parents and my grandparents plead with me that I pursue him so that he gets well. Imagine, I the healer has to PURSUE my patient. I the healer have to PAY for all the costs to heal my patient. Simply because he is my brother.

In the last post I made, Bugoy was able to to 1 VCO detox last weekend because I drove up to his house and delivered to him the virgin coconut oil, the lemons, the lemon squeezer.

This weekend I reminded him to do a 2nd vco detox. But he CHOSE not to because he said he was busy with his girlfriend’s mother visiting.

Bugoy knows I have the knowledge, the power and the resources to cure him, yet he chooses to delay, and delay and delay.

Recently I CHOSE to buy the book of from because from the research I’ve done, I can see that the acupressure technique is something I can add to my cure protocols. I CHOSE to increase my knowledge so I can help more people.

Yesterday I did another VCO detox because I CHOOSE to not just stop with just my eczema cure, I CHOOSE to have BETTER HEALTH and I CHOOSE to want to achieve perfect complection. Not one pimple or blemish must ever grow on my face or body again.

I’m just here to help people. Just like when my wife and I were cured of infertility and I made , I made when I was cured of my eczema.

It is so apalling that with the worldwide expanse of the internet, the no cure establishment has hijacked majority of the websites.

FYI, I was born, raised and living in the Philippines so please excuse my english if I sound harsh.

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