Bugoy eats ice cream, itches bad, will do 2nd Virgin Coconut Oil Detox this weekend

I met up with Bugoy at lunchtime. He was dead tired. Said he could not sleep last night because of bad itching. He said it was caused by his eating of ice cream.
We health buffs know ice cream is junk food. Bugoy sure knows now. He wonders why his reaction to ice cream is this bad now. Things change. His body is changing. Maybe since the healing is incomplete, the body isn’t ready to take garbage.

I think it has something to do with his gut, his stomach and small intestines. The 2 day VCO detox he did weakened the deeply rooted yeast, fungus, whatever creatures were there and they got replenished with pus filled ice cream. Garbage in, garbage out. At least Bugoy’s body knows the fastest way to get rid of that junk.

Bugoy should have done a 2nd VCO detox last weekend but he chose not to because his girlfriend’s mother was in town. I would have thought his healing came first, but he chose otherwise.

Bugoy reported to me that his craving for ice cream has waned because of his 1st VCO detox. He is at the point where he is not going to go out of his way to buy ice cream. The only reason he ate ice cream last night was because he found it lying in his freezer. He said it was his girlfriend’s ice cream. Oh well… his 2nd VCO detox might even make him dislike ice cream altogether.

I told Bugoy I ordered Pepzin GI and that it was on its way in the mail. My hypothesis is that the VCO detox makes a systemic elimination of microforms and the Pepzin GI heals the stomach and the intestines. We will see.

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