Bugoy takes Doctor Tam’s Miracle Tea – Psoriasis Flareup subsides

I saw Bugoy a few days ago and his Psoriasis was flaring up again and he’s beginning to turn red all over his body. I keep telling that boy to fix his diet. He never did. And I have a feeling it is worse than I could ever imagine. Veggie-less meals. Or 1 meal with a tiny piece of cooked dead vegetable. Gross. Last night we met and landed at a popular fast food chain. The least damaging junk I could stomach there would have been a hot chocolate. But the counter said they only serve it for breakfast. So I did not order a thing. All junk. All bad food combinations. But Bugoy, he said he was hungry and ordered a spaghetti. Gross. Artificial flavor, artificial color, processed cheap ground beef, pasta made from flour that sticks on the walls of your colon, bad food combination, meat and starch. Civilized stupidity.

A day before this Bugoy had taken 1 dose of 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. He says he saw some of the black stuff discharged in the toilet bowl. For those who do not know, Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea is an affordable and very effective colon cleansing herbal concoction made by Dr. Tam Mateo the Naturopath. He says the effect was that he did not feel so cold anymore and he itched less.

This night he passed by my house with his girlfriend for a short chat and he was beaming. Smiling, he said his redness has subsided and his face is clearing. His girlfriend was amazed and said she wanted to take some of that stuff too. What was funny is he thought that the miracle tea was amazing. Background: A year ago he was dying with full body acne and a 5 course colon hydrotherapy costing a lot of money cleared him up. This January another full body acne attack was cleared with 2 successive liver flushes.

I gave him a quizzed look and told him that I expected all this. Because I know how the human body works. What I reminded Bugoy was that he is supposed to do 10 straight days of 1/2 cup per day of Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea. He has done 2. Don’t stop now. Do it.

Plus of course he has to do his kidney cleanse using avocado leaves tea everyday as well. And he has to do his liver flushes, 10 at the minimum, he has only done 4. And I highly suggest the Andreas Moritz liver flush with 1 liter of apple juice for 5 days prior to a Hulda Clark liver flush.

Plus Bugoy has to fix his DIET. This is the big and hard part for him. I must help him realize this and do this. He seems to be slowly getting it, I think the best way is to lead him by example. Maybe I have to live with him for a couple of days so he knows what I’m talking about.

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