Eczema, Leaky Gut and Probiotics Cure Approach

I’ve embarked on a real yogurt cure approach for leaky gut. I thought it would be better to use live beneficial bacteria from home made live yogurt first and then then take those reputed OMX probiotics capsules made in Japan.

I was inspired when I re-read Elty’s Eczema Cure Story using yoghurt.

Here I am again self experimenting. In the past few weeks I’ve gone through several virgin coconut oil detoxes. Now I feel I’ve attacked the fungi and the yeast microforms enough and started a leaky gut cure. It is time to repopulate my gut with beneficial bacteria.

I called on my brother to buy a couple of pints of real, live, home made yogurt from Doctor Juice the juice bar. It is only 169 pesos a pint. Pure white. No added flavorings. Call Doctor Juice in Makati City at (02) 4825405.

My plan is to take some 4 tablespoons per day every morning on an empty stomach for the next 2 weeks. I think I need to buy more yogurt though because my children keep eating it as well.

After this I will invest in a 2 week OMX brand probiotics. In the alternative health circles here in Manila, OMX resonates loud and clear. I told you cures come from around the world, my yogurt is from the Philippines, OMX is from Japan.

I buy my OMX capsules at OPTA, the Organic Producers and Trade Association at #52 Esteban Abada St. in Quezon City just parallel to Katipunan Avenue in front of Ateneo. Call (02) 436-3615.

Learn more about OMX probiotics at

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