I get Bugoy to take EMC PH Drops to alkalize his body

Last Thursday evening I called up Bugoy to walk up from the train station and join me in the Castech office for him to learn about the EMC PH Drops so it can help him with his psoriasis.
Funny though, Bugoy does not like me calling his condition psoriasis. Whatever you call it, it is systemic. Good that I saw his healing skin after a few days of colon cleansing using Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea.

Bugoy experienced the EMC demonstration:

First the demonstrator tries riding his back while his two hands are cupped behind his back. Of course he stumbles back.

Second, Bugoy touches two terminals in what seems to be a sensitive current meter which outputs after 30 seconds a reading from 1 to 10 that shows your current “energy level.” His initial reading was 3. The demonstrator said that was the normal level.

Third, 2 drops were dropped in a small glass. Then 1/2 cup of plain water was mixed in. Bugoy drinks this concoction then holds on to the two terminals again for a 2nd reading. This time the reading says 7. Big instant improvement.

Fourth, the demonstrator rides Bugoy’s clasped hands behind his back again and this time Bugoy is strong enough to resist it.

Bugoy was impressed. So he signs up to be a member of Castech for only P 1,900 because it is cheaper to get the PH drops this way. I don’t really know the viability of this multi-level marketing method. All I know is my brother needs those discounts.

So since Friday Bugoy has been taking some total of 6 PH drops per day. Hopefully he gets all the trace minerals he lacks. Although I don’t see Zinc in the content of the PH drops. I will have to recommend Bugoy take Zinc supplements.

I’ve already told Bugoy about these PH Drops being mentioned in another book I gave him: The PH Miracle by Robert Young. He hasn’t read it. It is frustrating on my part why he hasn’t. Well I told him that this is our Philippine equivalent to those PH Drops doctor Young was recommending to alkalize the body.

I will make a separate post explaining this EMC PH drops for the curious.

To buy EMC PH drops, call Tess Mendoza at +63-917-829-0719. Tell her you read Edwin’s website.

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