Eczema is just a symptom of something much worse, my brother’s September emergency

I was busy the past month of September 2007 attending to my brother Bugoy who came down hard with what seemed like a health breakdown.

It all began with what seemed like a herpes outbreak with Urinary tract infection on a Saturday. Then he could not breath and he rushed himself to the emergency room hospital on a taxi cab. The hospital was useless with his breathing problem. I gave him 2 pieces of siling labuyo (Philippine Chili peppers) and a liter of water to drink. That got him breathing again and his blood circulating.

Immediately we went to the Chiropractor Doctor Brush to fix up his spine. Begin with the basics, fix his breathing, fix his gut circulation, Doc brush knows about leaky gut and the work of Dr. Conelly of psorasis cure fame.

Toxins / acids discharges all over his body and weeping yellow eczema all around his groin, testicles, underneath his penis, his left arm.

Eczema… just a symptom of something much worse. The body wants it out. Let it out.

Plus he had loss of appetite for 1 week.

We complied with Bugoy’s body wisdom. He fasted for around 1 week. We complemented with juicing different types. We gave him Dr. Tam’s miracle tea (a liquid type of LBB). Turned out he was constipated for 3 days. Then did blood and kidney detoxing with avocado leaves tea for 2 weeks. Gave him an emergency apple juice fast + Hulda Clark liver flush and got rid of 10 large last thumb digit liver stones . We did professional steam bathing to allow his stuck pores and halted lymphatic system to function. (His skin was damaged by dermatologists and 8 years of petroleum jelly everyday). We also bathed him with dissolved tawas / alum with rock Sea Salt and scrubbed him with calamansi (philippine equivalent to lemons) to get rid of his secondary infections all around his body the regular doctor would describe as strep infections.

Bugoy made an emergency transfer of apartments to an apartment beside my office which is 500 meters from my house so I could attend to him and this new apartment had large windows on two walls which allowed free flow of air. So much better than his old apartment which had stale air and had the foul stench of his disease. Yes, there was a stench, a stink of infection in Bugoy. The stench of infection us healers agreed.

I involved several healers in this crisis:

– Me, the overall manager.
– Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales, the anthroposophic / homeopathic doc for the initial emergency days.
– Dr. Brush the chiropractor, for spine health and emergency in his breathing.
– Dr. Gerry Francisco for his professional steam bath clinic and skin rejuvenation techniques with alum, salt and calamansi
– Dr. Lorna Reyes our herbalist imported from the province of Bataan for her natural from scratch detox techniques and overall household management including cooking, cleaning, clothes washing and live in healing.

This crisis is finished. We move on to higher things. I will continue to document well past october and until december 2007 as Bugoy has gotten serious about a total cure he has resigned from his job and gotten an apartment beside my office so I can attend to him everyday.

It is a good read. I documented in my health blog for the whole September 2007.

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I hope to hear your insights and suggestions and I hope we all continue to learn from one another.

P.S. My brother Bugoy had time and sparked a new fire in his eyes as he read Barefoot Herbalist’s Book 1. Thanks MH. Resolved now to preparing for an orange juice fast.

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