First Impression: Psoriasis Can be Cured by Dr. Connolly

I thought this book would never arrive. The first copy sent to me got lost in the mail and never arrived. This second copy arrived this morning! Just in time to help me cure my brother.
Being a healed and a hobby healer, and with what I know of how the human body works, I would say the claim of the title of the book “Psoriasis Can Be Cured” is absolutely TRUE!

Psoriasis Can Be Cured by Dr. Connolly

It is a very slim book. You can read the whole thing in 1 day. Of course if you are new to this material, aka your paradigms are twisted with conventional western pharmaceutical myths, it will take some time. You might need some help from a more knowledgeable person to walk you through the paragraphs. If you are a long time psoriasis sufferer, you will heartily agree that none of the western pharmaceutical garbage every really worked.

The text is written in very simple english. The recommended things to do are very, very simple. The treatment protocol is ultra easy. Easy is a relative term. Today I would find this protocol very easy to accomplish. To those still addicted to the wrong foods, this will be very hard. I’ve actually read enough psoriasis trolls who would rather live with psoriasis for the rest of their lives rather than just follow the simple eating plan of Dr. Connolly.

Of course some addictions are not only mental, but physically bound to people. Like yeast infections. I keep repeating that there is nothing you can do against sugar / sweets / bread addiction unless you get rid of the yeast commanding your brain. The most powerful and immediate way to kill sweets cravings is to do 1 or 2 VCO detoxes.

Getting back to Dr. Connolly, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the instructions to stimulate the liver through acupressure. Those in the inner knees and on the liver itself just an inch below the right nipple. Just 20 seconds a day of circular massaging per spot is all it takes!

Then there is the easy to follow diet. Then the herbals he recommends. Then the digestive enzymes for those who need it.

I say my money was well spent to learn this information. The acupressure points to stimulate the liver is new to me. The rest I already know somewhat some way.

My recommendation is for you psoriasis sufferers to buy this book and try following the psoriasis cure protocol. I of course would add the other things in my eczema cure protocols like colon cleanses, kidney, liver flushes, vco detox, etc. So psoriasis is indeed easy to cure… because now you know how.

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