Bugoy adds lyprinol as his omega 3 supplement

Lucky Bugoy. Lyprinol is not for sale in the Philippines but the accounting office is stationed here and is consulting me for some internet setups. So I got Bugoy 120 capsules.

So we know Bugoy needs Omega 3 supplementation. Bugoy says eating real fish helps him with his feeling shivering cold all the time. Real fish over the kelp and over the omega 3 supplements.

Lyprinol is a more potent omega 3 supplement and more. The book that comes with it says that this is an inflammation revolution. Maybe it will help.

I like the premise. It is not habit forming. You just drink 4 capsules a day for 1 month. Then cut down to 2 capsules a day for the 2nd month. Then 1 capsule a day later on.

We will see. Bugoy started taking Lyprinol this morning Sunday.

So now we’ve got Bugoy on Pepzin GI, then Lyprinol, then we just did an apple juice fast + liver flush + colon cleanse, then we are doing Connolly’s acupressure for the liver exercises. On Monday Bugoy goes to Doc Gerry for more calamansi scouring. Daily he is bathing with salt and tawas / alum and steam bathing. Plus I recommend pyroenergen if he remembers. On wednesday he goes to the biodentist Dr. Gaba for amalgam removal. I will try to come with him there.

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